Use Theater Mode to help you sleep with your Apple Watch

by Lee Peterson March 30, 2017

The new Theater Mode in watchOS 3.2 can do more than keep you from annoying others when you’re at the movies. If you track your sleep with your Apple Watch, Theater Mode can help you get some extra shut-eye. .

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Nike+ Run Club is borking my runs, and I blame Apple Watch

by Graham Bower February 11, 2017

At the most essential level, a running app should provide a reliable way to log your workouts: when, where, how fast and how far you run. Fancy features are all very well and good, but let’s be honest — if an app doesn’t get the basics right, it sucks. Nike has been busy adding new […]

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Embellish your Apple Watch with one-of-a-kind batik strap

by Ami Icanberry February 10, 2017

Make Apple’s most personal device as unique as you are with a truly distinctive, statement-making strap worthy of a double take. The exotic Batik Strap for Apple Watch from Clessant is a refreshing take on an everyday accessory. No two are ever alike. And, you can get ahold of it now in Cult of Mac’s new Watch Store!

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Zens Power Bank is a great little Apple Watch battery [Review]

by Leander Kahney February 10, 2017

Most external batteries for the Apple Watch are BYOC — Bring Your Own Cable — and have bulky winding systems for tucking the cable away.

Not the compact Apple Watch Powerbank from Zens, perhaps the most portable external battery pack on the market.

Zens Apple Watch Powerbank is one of the only chargers with its own built-in magnetic power adapter. So no more tangle-prone charging cable.

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Custom-fit Apple Watch band takes simplicity to next level [Reviews]

by Ami Icanberry February 02, 2017

Lust List: Button-Stud Apple Watch Band by Form Function Form Making Apple’s “most personal device ever” personal to you is super-serious business for one Florida purveyor of hand-made leather goods. Echoing the individuality of Apple Watch, Form Function Form takes customization to new levels in the design of its one-of-a-kind Button-Stud Apple Watch Band. This […]

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Skip the gym: Get in shape with the complete CultFit Home Workout

by Lewis Wallace January 30, 2017

You don’t need a pricey gym membership to get in shape. With the CultFit Home Workout routine, you’ll use simple exercises, common household items and your iPhone (and Apple Watch if you’ve got one) to build muscle and increase flexibility. It’s free, it’s easy and it takes only about 10 minutes a day. So what […]

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Anyone can get in shape in 2017 with the CultFit Home Workout

by Graham Bower January 23, 2017

If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape in 2017, but you spend all your waking hours in front of your MacBook, we’ve got the answer: our new CultFit Home Workout. All you need is your iPhone, plus your Apple Watch if you have one, and some everyday objects you’ll find around your […]

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Stay strong in 2017 with CultFit Home Workout, Week 2

by Graham Bower January 23, 2017

If you got started on your 2017 New Year’s resolution last week with our CultFit Home Workout, we’re here to help you keep up the good work with Week 2. (If you missed it, it’s still not to late to start with Week 1). All you need is your iPhone, plus your Apple Watch if […]

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Add new exercises to your fitness routine with CultFit Home Workout

by Graham Bower January 23, 2017

With New Year’s Eve a distant memory, your resolutions for 2017 should now be well underway. To help keep up your good work, here’s Week 3 of our CultFit Home Workout. (If you missed it, it’s still not to late to start with Week 1). All you need is your iPhone, plus your Apple Watch if […]

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Supersets will take your fitness to the next level with CultFit Home Workout

by Graham Bower January 21, 2017

It’s the fourth and final week of our CultFit Home Workout. Congratulations if you have made it this far. (If you missed it, it’s still not to late to start with Week 1). For this easy home workout, all you need is your iPhone and some everyday objects you’ll find around your home or office (plus your […]

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The ultimate runner’s review of Apple Watch Series 2

by Graham Bower November 19, 2016

With the launch of a GPS watch, and a renewed Nike partnership, Apple is getting serious about targeting runners. So is Apple Watch Series 2 the perfect running partner that Cupertino promises? As an avid runner myself, I was keen to find out. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been training for the TCS […]

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How to set up and track Apple Watch wheelchair workouts

by Buster Hein November 04, 2016

People in wheelchairs no longer get treated like second-class citizens when it comes to Apple Watch’s fitness-tracking features. With the recent watchOS 3.0 update, which brings lots of big changes to the fitness-oriented wearable, Apple Watch wheelchair workouts can be tracked after a quick and easy setup. .

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How to force quit apps on watchOS 3

by Buster Hein September 28, 2016

Apple Watch apps are faster than ever thanks to watchOS 3, but if you ever run into the rotating dial of death, sometimes quickly force quitting the app can help. With watchOS 3, Apple has made the force quitting process a bit different. Wearers used to be able to double click the side button to […]

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Apple Watch Series 2 review: A tick closer to perfection

by Buster Hein September 21, 2016

I finally have a reason to stop cheating on my Apple Watch. For the past 16 months, Apple’s wearable and I have had an on-again, off-again relationship. The Apple Watch looks great. It helps me stay fit. It tells the time really well. But it hasn’t been the complete wrist solution I need. With the […]

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How to switch your Apple Watch to a new iPhone

by Buster Hein September 19, 2016

So you just bought a shiny new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and you have no idea how to get your Apple Watch to play nicely with it? Most iPhone users just reset their Apple Watch and start brand new. But if you want to keep all your health and fitness data, there’s an […]

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Set up your new Apple Watch to max out your fitness gains

by Graham Bower September 17, 2016

If you’ve just bought a shiny new Apple Watch Series 2, hoping it will help you get in shape, then here’s some advice: Invest a little time setting it up so your wearable is tailored to your personal fitness level and goals. These quick and easy setup tips will help you get the most out of your Apple Watch fitness routine. […]

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How to scribble text replies in watchOS 3

by Buster Hein September 12, 2016

Responding to text messages on Apple Watch gets a lot easier with watchOS 3, thanks to a new feature that lets you scribble letters instead of just using canned replies. The new handwriting option has quickly become one of my favorite features on the big update that just landed on Apple Watch by giving wearers […]

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How to find your moment of zen with Apple’s Breathe app

by Buster Hein September 08, 2016

Apple Watch wearers will soon find it easier to reach relaxation, thanks to the new Breathe app included in watchOS 3. Every week, the Breathe app provides Apple Watch wearers with a summary of how well they performed the most essential human task for staying alive. If you suck at breathing, don’t worry. Breathe will […]

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How to fix the 0 percent restless sleep bug in Sleep++

by Killian Bell August 24, 2016

If Sleep++ is telling you that you’re getting a perfect night’s sleep, with zero restlessness whatsoever, it’s probably broken. The good news is that it’s incredibly easy to fix this bug in just a few steps. Here’s what you need to do. .

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How to customize and swap Apple Watch faces

by Buster Hein August 20, 2016

Apple is making it a lot easier and faster to switch up the look of your Apple Watch thanks to some new features in watchOS 3. Starting this fall, Apple is adding a bunch of new faces that can be customized like never before. All the faces can be added via the Watch app for […]

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7 stylish Apple Watch bands your wardrobe needs [Reviews]

by Ste Smith August 16, 2016

The Apple Watch has been out for well over a year now, and it’s beginning to get a little bit long in the tooth. In addition, the second-generation wearable, which is rumored to arrive along with the iPhone 7 this September, isn’t shaping up to be a worthy upgrade just yet. The best way to […]

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How to add, delete and rearrange apps in the new Apple Watch dock

by Buster Hein August 16, 2016

Apple Watch is getting a UI makeover with watchOS 3 which completely changes how you interact with apps, making them faster and easier to access thanks to the all new Dock feature. Now when wearers press the side button on Apple Watch, instead of bringing up your favorite contacts, the watch brings up the dock providing a quick view […]

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How to use Apple Watch to unlock your Mac in macOS Sierra

by Luke Dormehl August 15, 2016

The devices in Apple’s ecosystem always work really well together, and macOS Sierra doesn’t buck that trend. In fact, the upcoming desktop operating system lets Apple Watch owners automatically unlock their Macs using the wearable device — no lengthy password needed. It’s a small, but incredibly useful, new feature that rewards Mac owners who have […]

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Chinese Apple Watch clone costs just $63, but is it any good? [Reviews]

by Ste Smith August 09, 2016

The Apple Watch is one of the more affordable devices Apple makes. But a lot of people are still understandably hesitant about shelling out a few hundred bucks on a first-generation gadget they’re not sure they need. If this describes you, check out our video review of a $63 Chinese Apple Watch clone, the (deep […]

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