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Vintage vibe: Turn your Apple Watch into a pinstriped pocket watch

Why wear Apple Watch on your wrist like a filthy commoner when you can carry it like a pocket watch? Bucardo’s new Pinstripe collection takes the smartwatch back to the 16th century in the coolest, flashiest way possible.

Get yours in gold, silver or black and join the Apple Watch aristocracy.

Wear Apple Watch like a 16th century pocket watch

It’s easy to dress up your Apple Watch with a high-quality bracelet, but that’s boring. Anyone can do that, and at the end of the day, it still looks like an all-too-common smartwatch. Bucardo has a better idea.

With the Pocket Watch Pinstripe, you can wear your Apple Watch just like a pocket watch. The Pinstripe slides into the slots on your device, like a regular band, and protects its screen with a premium stainless steel cover.

Apple Watch pocket watch
Get yours in gold, silver or black.
Photo: Bucardo

It makes Apple Watch look like an exquisite timepiece from the Victorian era, before World War I came along and made wristwatches — which were much easier to carry and read during combat — more commonplace.

Get your Bucardo Pinstripe today

The Pinstripe’s cover stays securely closed until you want to use your device, so it won’t flap around all the time. And a high-quality and adjustable chain (which you can take off if you want to) lets you attach Apple Watch to your clothing.

Available in gold, silver or matte black, the Pinstripe is compatible with 44mm Apple Watch models (Series 4 through 6, including SE). You can order yours today from the Cult of Mac Store for $150.

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