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Save 20% on these sturdy, full-coverage screen protectors for iPhone 13

Don’t you just hate it when you buy a screen protector that doesn’t cover your iPhone’s entire screen? You won’t have that problem with these tough tempered glass protectors from Limited77, which keep your iPhone 13 looking sharp.

Get yours today to save 20% — and enjoy the same discount on all other Limited77 accessories for iPhone and Apple Watch in the Cult of Mac Store.

Keep your iPhone 13’s screen scratch-free

Apple has taken steps to make iPhone’s display more resistant to cracking in recent years. But its “Ceramic Shield” panels scratch just as easily — if not more easily — than earlier iPhone screens. So, it’s a bad idea to skip the protector.

It’s also not good to settle for a screen protector that leaves your iPhone’s edges or Face ID sensors exposed — and yet so many still do. But not this one from Limited77, which offers complete protection for your entire display.

This real tempered glass panel stretches right to the edges of your iPhone’s cover glass, and protects its front-facing sensor array. The only area left exposed — because it has to be — is the speaker that sits above the screen.

Real easy to apply

The protector not only defends your iPhone 13 from scuffs and scratches but also adds additional shock protection that makes it even more robust. And thanks to an included alignment tray, you’ll get a straight fit every single time.

Limited77 also includes alcohol cleansing wipes so that you can clean your iPhone’s screen before the protector is applied. And you get two protectors in one pack. Order yours today for just $28 — down from $35.

Also check out the rest of the Limited77 lineup, which is also discounted by 20%, in the Cult of Mac Store. This discount is only good until the end of the year, so don’t miss out.

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