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Stick an AirTag to almost anything with this affordable silicone pad

Make your belongings much easier to find when they go missing by attaching an AirTag using Elago’s affordable Silicone Pad. This little accessory features a reusable adhesive that allows it to be stuck to almost any flat surface.

You can get yours in one of three color options — including one that glows in the dark — from the Cult of Mac Store. Enjoy 15% off for a limited time!

Silicon Pad sticks an AirTag to any flat surface

Most AirTag accessories allow Apple’s tiny Bluetooth tracker to be attached to other objects using a keychain or clip. But what if the object you want to track doesn’t have a suitable place for these things? Adhesive is your answer.

Elago’s brilliant Silicone Pad has an adhesive layer on its bottom that allows it to stick to almost anything. And because it’s silicone adhesive, rather than just double-sided tape, it can be washed and reused over and over again.

It doesn’t leave any residue, and it’s super-secure, which makes it ideal for tracking things like skateboards, scooters, remote controls, handheld consoles, headphones, drones, garden gnomes … the list goes on.

The Silicone Pad itself, as its name suggests, is also made from silicone. It’s soft, lightweight, and incredibly durable. It’ll keep your AirTag safe and in tip-top condition, even if you drop it.

Get your Silicone Pad for just $11.04

You can order your Silicone Pad from the Cult of Mac Store today for just $11.04 after a 15% discount. It’s available in black, red and an ultra-cool night glow blue that glows in the dark.

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