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Best leather Apple Watch bands, from most affordable to luxurious

High-quality leather is a universal way to look and feel classy, timeless and powerful. Deck out your beloved Apple Watch in something it deserves, regardless of price point. Whether you’re buying on a budget or searching for the perfect splurge, your internet scouring ends here.

Check out our watch store guide to finding the perfect leather Apple Watch band for your budget.

1. Carterjett’s modern print in embossed leather

Dress like a boss without breaking the bank. Get Carterjett's modern print embossed leather Apple Watch band.
Dress like a boss without breaking the bank.
Photo: Carterjett

Up first is Carterjett’s super-sleek leather carbon-fiber band, priced at just $29.99.

Carterjett’s genuine leather is extremely supple, feeling smooth and lightweight on the wrist.

The strap is embossed with a carbon-fiber texture for a modern twist on a classic band. The strength of the band is enhanced by the stealthy black stitching. It’s perfect for anyone on a budget who doesn’t want to compromise style or quality.

Also available in black and vintage brown.

Price: $29.99

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store

2. OleskynPrannyk’s rich, rustic leather in Chestnut

OleskynPrannyk's rich, rustic leather in Chestnut is an all-around winner in quality, style and budget-friendliness.
Individualize your strap with 14 different thread colors.
Photo: OleksynPrannyk

Usually priced at $75, this beautifully crafted leather strap is discounted to just $49 on the Cult of Mac Watch Store right now. Hand-crafted from two-sided genuine Horween leather, this band mixes sharp style and high quality.

You can feel the quality in this band. The leather becomes more and more supple and unique with time, molding to fit your wrist perfectly.

Held together with fine, meticulous stitching, this strap is a work of gorgeous and delicate craftsmanship.

The best part is its endless customizations. You can individualize your strap with 14 different thread colors, ranging from orange and red to sky blue and navy. Match the perfect stitching with warm, rich chestnut tones.

Also available in a lighter tan and bold black.

Price: $49

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store

3. From Prada to Casetify: Vibrant prints in Saffiano leather

Casetify Apple Watch bands come in vibrant prints in Saffiano leather, offering tons of exclusive designs to light up eyes and match your every mood.
Tons of exclusive designs to light up eyes and match your every mood.
Photo: Casetify

If you’re looking for a unique band that turns heads and stands out from the canon of leather goods, look no further. Casetify crafts 1000s of striking designs and prints in top-quality Saffiano leather.

Gracing the streets and runaways worldwide in the form of designer handbags and handsome briefcases, this Prada patent has become a highly coveted modern classic.

Casetify repurposes the luxurious Italian calf leather, crafting an impressively resilient and vibrant band for Apple Watch.

The intricate cross-hatched pattern ensures scratch-, water- and stain-resistance, resulting in an extremely durable band ready for everyday wear. From gym to office to a night on the town, the Saffiano band looks great in any situation.

Price: $52

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store

4. Ullu’s premium leather bands in endless colors

Switch it up with Blue Steel and 24 other vibrant color options from Ullu's line of premium leather Apple Watch bands
Switch it up with Blue Steel and 23 other vibrant color options.
Photo: Ullu

As the price point climbs, it’s evident these next few bands rank high in quality, durability and overall suavity. Ullu’s bands are made from fine leather — each patina is unique and changes over time.

From top-grain Italian calf leather to fine stingray from Thailand, all products are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Not to mention glossy stainless steel buckles and adapters to finish.

Plus, the luxury brand proudly uses leather purchased from ethical and sustainable sources.

Based in Dubai, Ullu’s philosophy on product creation is a nod to the finer things in life. Handmade and finished by skilled artisans, each strap is unique, beautiful and impeccably finished. Only the best in high-quality craftsmanship.

Available in 24 striking color options. Switch it up with Sun Ray or stay classic with Knight Rider.

Price: $84.15

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store

5. Classic and rugged in Strapa’s Primus

Strapa's Primus is made from rugged and subtly glossy Italian leather, expertly crafted into an exceptional watch band worthy of your Apple Watch Series 4.
Rugged and subtly glossy Italian leather is expertly crafted into an exceptional watch band worthy of your Series 4.
Photo: Strapa

The Primus is truly prime in our collection of Italian leather bands. It has remained a Cult of Mac classic and all-time favorite due to it’s expertly crafted leather and attention to detail.

Both rugged and beautiful, this fine leather has undergone a process of tanning and polishing to achieve a distinguished rich, glossy look and feel.

Each strap comes with a smooth leather backing and a careful stitching pattern. Strapa uses a linen thread as found in traditional artisanal saddlery and leatherwork that provides a timeless finish to the look. The stitching helps maintain lasting integrity and prevents the leather from stretching and morphing despite months or years of wear.

Available in Amber, Tan, Coffee, Honey or Black with an embossed crocodile pattern.

Price: $105

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store

6. Turn up the suave with Clessant’s Nubuck Blue

The suedelike finish of Clessant's Nubuck Blue offers a more casual and relaxed take on calf leather while maintaining regal looks.
If you’re looking for something more regal or softer to the touch, check out Clessant’s extremely silky nubuck leather band in blue.
Photo: Clessant

Nubuck top-grain leather is buffed on the outside to produce a velvet-like, ultra-matte finish. This is real luxury you can feel.

Clessant sources its nubuck leather from buffalo. One of the most resistant types of nubuck, it retains its texture much longer than others. This band will stand the test of time, allowing you to relish its supple and silky texture for years to come.

The company takes its band-making to detailed levels. Clessant’s craftsmen utilize a specific and complicated process, with more than 60 different steps required for completion. This band would make a cherished gift for someone special (or a prized addition to your Apple Watch).

Also available in Black, Taupe and Purple.

Price: $137

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store

That’s a wrap for our speed guide to finding your perfect leather Apple Watch band. Explore the Cult of Mac Watch Store to check out tons more leather options for Apple Watch!

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