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12 amazing Apple Watch accessories at insanely low prices

Upgrading your Apple Watch with amazing bands and accessories doesn’t have to break the bank. You’ll be surprised at how many terrific products you can find for buyers on a budget.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Apple Watch accessories that are currently priced at $40 or less to help you out. Check out all 15 right here!

All the products we’ve picked out are available from the Cult of Mac Store. That means they’ve been tested and approved by our team, so you can be sure your cash is being well-spent.

Whether you’re shopping for swanky stainless steel bracelets, lightweight NATO straps, or attractive charging stands, we’ve got you covered. And half of these products will cost you under $25.

Awesome Apple Watch accessories under $40

Elago Clear band Apple Watch
Built like a tank.
Photo: Elago

Elago Clear band — $12.99

Remember when transparent watch bands were some of the coolest things you could slap on your wrist? Elago does, which is why it is bringing them back with its new Clear band for Apple Watch.

Made from a sturdy TPU that’s almost indestructible, the Clear band is ideal in any situation. It’s not just incredibly strong, but also insanely easy to clean, and ideal for those with active lifestyles who frequently get dirty.

Price: $12.99
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Elkson Bumper for Apple Watch
Keep Apple Watch protected at all times.
Photo: Elkson

Elkson Quattro bumper — $11.99

Don’t let your precious (and pricey) Apple Watch fend for itself in harsh environments. Pick up this tough Quattro Bumper Case from Elkson for essential protection against scuffs and shattered screens.

It protects the sides of your Apple Watch that are prone to scratching when you’re hard at work. It also has a lip that helps prevent its screen from rubbing up against anything rough.

Price: $11.99
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Laut stand for Apple Watch
Clean and simple.
Photo: Laut

Laut AW Stand — $29.99

Laut’s simple AW Stand is a single piece of strong aluminum that gives your Apple Watch a place to rest while it’s charging. It looks great on any desk or bedside table, and it’s compatible with all Watch models.

The top of the stand is angled at 45 degrees to make your Apple Watch easy to read in Nightstand mode, and it has a rubber sleeve that ensures the back and sides of your Watch don’t get scratched.

Anti-sleep feet prevent the AW Stand from sliding around, while its three color options — gunmetal, gold, and silver — allow you to match its look with your Apple Watch case.

Price: $29.99
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Stunning stainless steel that won’t break the bank.
Photo: Rilee & Lo

Rilee & Lo stainless steel stretch-link band — $40

Available in a range of gorgeous color options and made from premium stainless steel, Rilee & Lo’s stretch-link bands help make your Apple Watch look better than ever.

They’re inspired by high-end jewelry and designed to deliver a premium look, and they’re considerably easier to get on and off than traditional stainless steel bracelets.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an alternative stainless steel option that looks this good at that price.

Price: $40
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

The best band for running.
Photo: EdgeGear

EdgeGear Shift band for runners — $39.99

Apple Watch can be an athlete’s best friend, but traditional bands aren’t suited to some sports. The EdgeGear Shift fixes that problem for runners by putting your Watch on your hand instead.

This makes it much easier to see important stats during your run, and takes the hassle out of having to turn your wrist. The Shift is incredibly comfortable and super-secure.

It’s also fully-adjustable, works on both hands, and compatible with all generations of Apple Watch in all sizes.

Price: $39.99
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Show your pride and joie de vivre with Nyloon's rainbow band.
Comfortable and colorful.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

Nyloon nylon bands — $39.95

Nylon bands are incredibly lightweight and wonderfully comfortable, and Nyloon makes some of the nicest money can buy in a wide range of colors and styles.

Each one is made of ballistic-grade nylon and fits most wrist sizes. They’re thicker and more durable than ordinary polyester bands, and feature stainless steel adapters that are built to last.

They also fit all generations of 38/40mm and 42/44mm Apple Watch.

Price: $39.95
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Active 2.0 band for Apple Watch
Comfortable, durable, good-looking.
Photo: Laut

Laut Active 2.0 sports band — $29.99

The Active 2.0 is tailored for sports and solves many of the problems you’ll encounter with other Apple Watch bands while you’re working out. It even fixes some of the problems with Apple’s own Sports band.

Unique materials make it wonderfully soft and flexible so that it’s a delight to wear all day long. It wraps nicely around any wrist without digging into your skin or causing you to itch.

A machined metal button enclosure means the Active 2.0 is less likely to pinch your skin or catch your hair, as Apple’s own Sport band tends to do, while stainless steel adapters are included for added durability.

Finally, the Active 2.0 is patterned to make it much more attractive — and more interesting — than traditional silicone sports bands. And it’s available in four great color options.

Price: $29.99
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

A more traditional NATO design.
Photo: Carterjett

Carterjett nylon NATO band — $24.99

You can also get nylon bands in a NATO strap style, thanks to Carterjett. They’re soft and flexible, waterproof, and extremely comfortable — ideal for long days and an active lifestyle.

Available in standard and XXL size options, Caterjett’s bands are a great fit for any wrist. They’re also compatible with all Apple Watch models, and amazingly affordable.

Price: $24.99
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Blocks charging stand kit
What kind of charging stand will you create?
Photo: SwitchEasy

Blocks build your own stand kit — $19.99

The brilliant Blocks kit lets you build your own Apple Watch stand exactly how you want it. It comes with over 90 different blocks to choose from — all of which are compatible with other building blocks from leading manufacturers, such as Lego.

The included Apple Watch cradle accommodates most bands and bumpers, and you can build your stand around your favorite iPhone cases and accessories, in your favorite colors.

Price: $19.99
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Elago Premium Apple Watch band
Goes great with Apple Watch Series 6!
Photo: Elago

Elago Premium band — $22

Made from high-end Fluor rubber, the Premium band is lightweight and flexible yet surprisingly strong. It uses stainless steel buckles and adapters for added durability, and wraps easily around the wrist.

Its breathable design prevents the Premium band from getting too wet or irritating your skin while you sweat. And because it’s completely water-resistant, washing the band when it gets dirty is a breeze.

The Premium band is available in black, blue, and red, and goes great with Apple Watch 6’s new color options. But it’s also compatible with older 38/40mm and 42/44mm Apple Watch models.

Price: $22
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

SwitchEasy case for Apple Watch
No more scratches, scuffs, or shattered screens.
Photo: SwitchEasy

SwitchEasy case — from $14.99

Keep your beloved Apple Watch looking brand-new with the SwitchEasy protective case from just $14.99.

Made from a flexible but sturdy TPU, the case covers the back and sides of your device to keep them from dents, dirt, scratches, and shattered screens. It also comes in four color options.

Price: from $14.99
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Mifa makes leather incredibly affordable.
Photo: Mifa

Mifa classic leather band — $25

Mifa’s classic band makes premium leather affordable for everyone. It uses genuine leather that’s 3mm thick for great durability, and combines it with strong stainless steel clasps and adapters.

Perforated dots along the strap allow it to be more breathable, which means it’s perfect for all-day wear. And at just $25, everyone should have one in their collection.

Mifa’s band is compatible with both 38/40mm and 42/44mm Apple Watch models, and it comes in black, brown, or gray.

Price: $25
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Get that retro gaming look.
Photo: Elago

Elago charging stands — $13-$19

Elago’s spectacular Apple Watch charging stands are my favorite products on this list. And if you’re a fan of anything Apple, I know you’ll love them, too.

They come in a number of outstanding designs inspired by the original Macintosh, the iconic iMac G3, early iPods, and the very first Game Boy. And they come in a number of eye-catching colors.

They’re also surprisingly affordable, with prices starting at just $13, so it’s a struggle to resist buying them all.

Price: from $13
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Charge everything all at once.
Photo: Elago

Elago 3-in-1 charging hub — $29.50

If you need a stand that charges everything, look no further than the Elago 3-in-1 charging hub. It tops up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously — and looks good while doing it.

The hub is made out of silicone so you never have to worry about knocking it over and breaking it, and it’s available in a number of pretty colors that look great on any nightstand.

Check out our full review for more.

Price: $29.50
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Sturdy, sleek, and sexy.
Photo: HEDock

HEDock — $15

The HEDock is made entirely out of high-grade aluminum, and it costs just $15. It looks good no matter where you put it, and it’s crafted to securely hold onto your Watch without falling over.

Its compact, minimalist design means the HEDock will fit anywhere, whether you plan to stick it by your bed or on your desk. And its brushed finish compliments your other Apple products perfectly.

Check out our full review for more.

Price: $15
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

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My Thoughts on SwitchEasy PaperLike iPad Screen Protector

Lengthy product title....Yes, I ordered this screen protector based on Cult of Mac's product description that it's like writing on paper. Bottom's a far better screen protector that aids "writing" with an Apple Pencil (I have the 1st gen version), greatly reduces finger prints (always good) when using the Apple Pencil, input is immediate and precise. I'm a lefty and this screen protector allows minimal effort when writing electronically. I'm not an artist so I cannot rate how this screen protector handles an artist's desires. I will say my primitive artwork (cups, objects, etc.) drawn with my iPencil are spot on and represent my vision for my coffee cups, primitive as they may be,.

Overall, I have no buyer's regrets for this purchase. However, some caveats...the application instructions are verrry sparse (A and B on two tabs, that's it). Once on, the tactile sensation is has a "pebbly" like feel when you run your finger over the screen protectors surface. It's a strange sensation that always surprises me, yet, its this "pebbly" surface that allows the user to work their magic, whether writing or drawing as well as keeping fingerprints to a minimum. For use on a iPad, it works wonderfully and will capture your vision. However, this screen protector will never feel the same as writing with a fountain pen on quality paper.

Again, no buyer's remorse...just my thoughts on a quality product that works well on an iPad.


Very nice metal strap

Looks good, quality feels good as well.

Cute, yet effective protection for my AirPods Pro

This AirPods Pro case fits pretty snugly, and seems to protect my AirPods pretty well. Wireless charging through the case works great -- and it is also easy to access the Lightning charging port on the bottom. The ring for attaching to a backpack or belt loop is fairly solid. And it looks like a tiny suitcase :) Overall, it works great for me!


Unfortunately, the leather is beginning crack and the color is coming off with the cracking.
I have only had this watch band a short time, so I feel this should not be happening.

Good morning, Thank you for your feedback, and I apologize that you are not satisfied with your item, but it sounds like the item you received, maybe defective. If you are able to send me an image of the item we can get this issue resolved for you. My email is
Many thanks, Adel.

Awesome hold, super useful

First time I’ve used a 3M stick mount and it’s holding really well on the stick side, no sign it’s weakening. On the magnet side the phone never falls out, but it will slide off if you try to put a lightning cable in or pull one out from the phone while it’s mounted. That’s a real nitpick because otherwise it’s an awesome mount.