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Wooden you love this sweet MagSafe charger for iPhone?

Need a MagSafe charger for your new iPhone? Don’t splash out on Apple’s. Instead, choose Limited77’s new Wood Charger. It does exactly the same job, looks a lot better, and costs a lot less at under $25.

Bag yours from the Cult of Mac Store today while it’s on sale.

Apple’s own MagSafe charger isn’t ugly, but it doesn’t exactly have a whole lot of character. Its clean aluminum and white charging pad make it look more like a stethoscope than a gadget you’d want in your home.

The official MagSafe Charger also expensive at nearly $40 — especially when more affordable options, like the Wood Charger, which does exactly the same thing, are available.

Bag your MagSafe Wood Charger for under $25

As its name suggests, the Wood Charger has a woodgrain finish that’s coupled with a black cable for a more subtle look. It’s a much better fit for living rooms and bedside tables than Apple’s own.

Limited77 MagSafe Wood Charger
With up to 15W of power, it’s just as fast as Apple’s charger.
Photo: Limited77

The Wood Charger snaps onto iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro handsets, like other MagSafe accessories, but can also be used to charge earlier models (iPhone 8 and later), as well as AirPods and AirPods Pro.

A one-meter cable should be more than enough for any setup, and with power delivery at up to 15W (when paired with a 20W adapter, sold separately), it offers the fastest possible charge for any iPhone.

Limited77’s wonderful Wood Charger is normally priced at $39, but for a limited time only, you can bag yours from the Cult of Mac Store for just $24.77. Order today before the discount disappears!

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636 reviews
Great band

My hubby loves the feel and color of the bands

Not impressed

No real easy way to attach cables to it. Also, can't easily use Qi charging for iPhone... The bamboo wood part of it is nice though, even if not very useful. I bought this as an experiment to see how it would work out. Having to actually plug the iPhone cable in to the phone is not what I would call convenient. This will probably end up as a paper weight.


The Charging Station is just what I was looking for to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch at night. It is attractive AND very functional for my purposes.

Great charger

Love the charger. It works great and stays on my phone securely but not too difficult to remove.