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Wood grain iPhone 12 case takes you back to simpler times [Review]

If you have fond memories of the ’70s tech that was generously steeped in woodgrain panels, you’ll love this sweet iPhone 12 case from Limited77.

It combines a flexible, shock-absorbing shell with a wooden finish that gives your smartphone plenty of protection and a little extra character. It’s also fully compatible with MagSafe accessories.

Check out our full review right here — and bag yours at 17% off the usual price.

Manufacturers used to add wood paneling to stereos, television sets, and even computers and games consoles in the ’70s and ’80s. It not only helped them blend in with other furniture, but also made them feel a little less intimidating at a time when certain technologies were just taking off.

That’s not longer the case — and for that, most of us are thankful. Today’s all-aluminum Apple computers look a lot nicer than the wooden boxes that housed many Apple I units back in the day, while the latest consoles are prettier without the wood paneling of the Atari 2600.

But if you have fond memories of tech’s early beginnings and want a little more woodgrain in your life, Limited77 has the ideal iPhone case for you.

Wooden Bumper case looks great on iPhone

The Wooden Bumper for iPhone 12 combines a polycarbonate case with real walnut, bamboo, or rosewood. The inner shell is soft yet sturdy to protect your smartphone from accidental drops, while the wood panel adds a unique and attractive finish that helps your device stand out.

Wooden Bumper for iPhone 12 review
Plenty of protection. Loads of character.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The real wood and curved edges of the polycarbonate shell help the Wooden Bumper feel great in the hand. And they provide enough grip without making the case too difficult to slide into backpacks, purses and tight pants pockets. The Wooden Bumper is also wonderfully lightweight.

The case’s design, despite being super-protective, won’t prevent you from charging your iPhone wirelessly. In fact, it’s fully compatible with MagSafe accessories — including the MagSafe Wallet, Apple’s own MagSafe charger, and the matching Wooden Charger from Limited77.

Wooden Bumper for iPhone 12 review
It won’t get in your way while charging.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

I have a bunch of different wireless chargers, including a magnetic power bank, that I use with my iPhone and they all work just fine with the Wooden Bumper. My MagSafe charger snaps on perfectly and stays just as securely attached as it is without any case at all.

Great build quality

If you prefer to charge wirelessly, the Wooden Bumper provides easy access to your iPhone’s Lightning port. It also protects your handset’s buttons without making them difficult to press, and provides decent protection for your iPhone’s display and camera lenses.

Wooden Bumper for iPhone 12 review
Those camera lenses aren’t getting scratched.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The Wooden Bumper is well-built for such an affordable case. It fits your iPhone like a glove, and it seems the wood panel is well-secured, so there’s no danger of it ever falling out. Its flexibility makes the case easy to put on your iPhone and take it off again.

The hand-polished wood panel will get scratched if you’re not careful with it. However, it should look good — and even more unique — with a little wear and tear. Having said that, I’ve been using this case for a month now, and I still don’t notice any significant scuffs or gouges on mine.

The verdict

I wasn’t around when it was cool to apply wood panels to almost everything. But there’s something satisfying about feeling smooth wood in your palm when using your iPhone. And I like the way the Wooden Bumper looks on my iPhone 12 mini.

Wooden Bumper for iPhone 12 review
Order yours today to save 17%.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

I also have no doubt that the case will protect my iPhone when I drop it. It already helped keep my device in pristine condition after a couple of smaller tumbles onto a tiled kitchen floor.

The Wooden Bumper is available for all iPhone 12 models, and if you order yours from the Cult of Mac Store today, you’ll get it for just $29 — down from $35.

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