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Ullu Pocket Wallet wraps your iPhone XS in luxurious leather [Review]

When you spend upwards of $1,000 on a smartphone, you shouldn’t rely on a $3 case to keep it safe. You should protect your investment by lavishing it in luxurious leather that keeps (almost) every inch of it suitably covered up.

That’s what I did with the gorgeous Ullu Pocket Wallet.

Handcrafted from Italian calf leather, this case carries your iPhone and credit cards in a compact, stylish package that won’t weigh you down. It protects your handset from scratches, scuffs, and dirt without getting in your way.

It’s also on sale right now — and you should get your own.

I had a thing for iPhone wallet cases many years ago. I liked the idea of carrying everything in one package and leaving my wallet at home. But as the iPhone got larger and Apple Pay took over, that slowly faded away.

I’ve found the majority of wallet cases for Apple’s larger handsets to be too bulky. Most have flappy front covers that get in your way, or they put your credit cards behind your iPhone so that you can’t use Apple Pay.

Ullu’s Pocket Wallet doesn’t do that. Because it’s more of a sleeve, it protects your iPhone and allows you to enjoy it in all its naked glory.

Pocket Wallet provides all-around protection

Slip your iPhone inside the Pocket Wallet when you’re not using it and every part of it — except a teeny-tiny area at the top of the phone — is protected. You can drop it, slide it, throw it at a swan (but maybe not), and it’ll be just fine.

Almost every inch is protected.
Photo: Adel Neal/Cult of Mac

The Pocket Wallet holds onto your iPhone nice and tightly, so there’s no chance of your device slipping out if you take it out of your pocket upside down. But it’s not so tight that you’ll struggle to get your phone out when you need it.

If you do find the Pocket Wallet holds on too tightly, the soft and supple leather lets you push up from the bottom of the case to slide your iPhone out. A microfiber lining prevents your handset from suffering any scratches.

Pocket Wallet is practical

Three pockets on the front of the Pocket Wallet let you carry your most important credit or ID cards at all times. Or you can stuff a few bills inside if you like to flash some cash. And those cards won’t get in your way.

Plenty of space for cards and cash.
Photo: Adel Neal/Cult of Mac

When you want to use Apple Pay, you can slip your iPhone out of the Pocket Wallet just enough to reveal its Face ID sensors. Double-tap the side button, and you’re ready to pay. Apple Pay works through the case so you don’t need to take your iPhone all the way out. It won’t prevent wireless charging, either.

If you still charge using a cable, there’s a small gap at the bottom of the Pocket Wallet that lets you access your iPhone’s Lightning port.

Pocket Wallet is beautiful

All these things are great — and they make the Pocket Wallet a much better solution than most iPhone wallet cases. But my favorite thing about Ullu’s offering is its design and build quality. The Pocket Wallet is stunning.

It’s a work of art.
Photo: Adel Neal/Cult of Mac

It is painstakingly handmade by skilled artisans — and it shows. The leather is as soft as your favorite pillow, but strong enough to last a lot longer than the iPhone it carries. The stitching is strong and meticulously applied.

And because only premium leather has been used to make the Pocket Wallet, it’s only going to get better over time. It will develop a gorgeous patina the more you use it, and it’ll be unlike any other Pocket Wallet.

Get your Pocket Wallet at a discount

I’ve been using the blue steel Pocket Wallet for this review, but a range of other pretty color options are available — including tangerine, deep sea, Indian pink, knight rider, and more. And you can bag yours at a discount.

It won’t prevent you from charging.
Photo: Adel Neal/Cult of Mac

Order the Pocket Wallet from the Cult of Mac Watch Store today and you’ll pay just $55.20 (down from $69) for the iPhone XS model, and $63.20 (down from $79) for the iPhone XS Max model.

If you’re looking for an incredibly attractive leather case that feels as premium as your iPhone itself, the Pocket Wallet is well worth your hard-earned cash.

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store — from $55.20

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Nice band. Worked well. Need to be sure to watch the video on using the tool to adjust the band.

never receive my purchase

I contacted the store but they never replayed to me i don't recommend to buy here!

Sadie, the elder, says .....

Not only is this iWatch such a practical means of holding my watch while charging, it’s a hoot - looks like my original Mac. I love it.

The case doesn’t totally align but it does it’s job. The part that stinks is that it attracts lint and dust because it’s silicone.

Great tidy solution

You know what happens, all your devices need a charger. 2 iPhones, an Apple Watch, iPad and more. My old solution was fast charger with 4 USB outlets plugged in to an outlet in the kitchen. Worked, but not pretty.

Let me start by saying this charger looks great. I got rid of all the other cables and keep this out in the kitchen. Much tidier! Phones charge quickly. Apple watch does too but you to be careful that it goes on right. Also, I have a metal band on mine so I have to close it before I put it on the stand or else it would rest on the screen of the phone below it.