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Turn your MagSafe charger into a stylish iPhone stand for just $29

Apple’s new MagSafe system for iPhone 12 makes magnets magical, and with the right accessories, it can be even better. Check out Elago’s brilliant new MagSafe stands, which hold your iPhone in a comfortable position while it’s charging for a mere $29.

By itself, Apple’s standard MagSafe charger does its job brilliantly. It charges your iPhone quickly, and unlike other wireless charging pads, it won’t slip out of position, leaving your iPhone with a dead battery. But it’s not exactly the most elegant charging solution.

A simple stand that holds your iPhone properly is a lot better, and with Elago’s new MS1 and MS2, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Bag Elago’s new MagSafe stand for iPhone 12

Both options sport clean and tasteful designs that look terrific on any desk or nightstand. They’re made entirely out of high-quality silicone so they’re virtually unbreakable, and they’re fully compatible with your existing MagSafe charging puck, so you don’t need to spend extra on another.

MagSafe charging stand for iPhone
Made from soft silicone, the MS1 is virtually unbreakable.
Photo: Elago

The MS1 and MS2 keep your charging cable tidy so it won’t get in the way. They also keep your iPhone elevated and at an ideal angle for FaceTime calls, watching videos, and more. And because they’re soft and flexible, there’s no need to worry about the stands scratching your iPhone.

MagSafe charging stand for iPhone
The MS2 looks a little like a HomePod mini.
Photo: Elago

You can order your MS1 or MS2 charging stand in one of a number of terrific color options — including black, white, and indigo — for just $29. Both are available today from the Cult of Mac Store, where you can also find Elago’s awesome new MagSafe Charging Tray.

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