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This suede sport band for Apple Watch looks sharp but is ready for action [Review]

Mifa’s Hybrid Sports Leather band for Apple Watch is a steal at $25. Not only is it made from genuine vintage suede, it has a sweatproof silicone backing that makes it as comfortable to wear as the softest sports band.

The layering of materials makes Mifa’s band one of my favorite Apple Watch straps. It’s lightweight, soft and comfortable — and it looks dressy but is designed for action.

Mifa Hybrid Sports Leather band review

Mifa’s Hybrid Sport Apple Watch Band is made from genuine suede bonded to a hard-wearing silicone lining. You can see, feel and even smell the leather. But the silicone lining takes the “hybrid” band to the next level. It looks good on the outside, while being super-soft and comfortable on the inside.

The hybrid band is easy to wear all day, and thanks to the sweatproof lining, it’s good for any activity: the office, a night out, bike riding, hiking or powerlifting at the gym.

Not your typical leather Apple Watch band

The outer layer of suede comes in a range of colors — black, brown, green or camouflage. The black and brown bands are also available with perforations for extra breathability. The suede seems like it’ll hold up for a long time. The stitching is very precise and well-finished. There are no hanging threads.

The inner silicone lining is grooved to increase airflow, offering good breathability. This is great when you are working out. The band is so light and comfortable that I often forget it is there.

The stainless steel buckle feels solid. The band boasts 10 holes and two adjustable loops for a nice, snug fit. Note: The band only comes in one size. However, it fits wrists measuring 6.5 inches to 8.5-inches, which should work for most people.

Final thoughts

Mifa’s hybrid leather sport Apple Watch band is made from vintage suede with a sweat-proof silicone backing.
Mifa’s hybrid band pairs vintage suede with a sweatproof silicone backing.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

Mifa’s Hybrid Sports Leather Apple Watch Band is a nice way to add a stylish touch to Apple Watch while still enjoying durability for an active lifestyle.

The high quality of the band belies its tiny price tag. At just $25, the Hybrid band costs less than most leather bands — and a lot of silicone ones. But affordability is not its only selling point. The materials are top-notch, the stitching is attractive,  and it’s breathable and comfortable to wear. Plus, its understated style looks good at the office or the gym.

It’s one of my new favorite Apple Watch bands. Everyone who sees it wants one! I dig it.

Buy from: Cult of Mac Apple Watch Store.

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