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These luxury bands will go great with your new Apple Watch

Don’t settle for the basic bands that ship as standard with your new Apple Watch. These leather straps from Clessant add a dash of luxury that will separate your new wearable from all the others.

Hand-crafted from the finest materials and available in a variety of styles, they’re smart, outrageously stylish, and unlike anything you’ll find in the Apple Store.

Clessant is a luxury French band-maker that has all its products handmade by ateliers in France and Belgium. It only uses carefully selected hides sourced from the world’s best tanners.

An incredible amount of effort goes into creating every Clessant strap, and we couldn’t be more delighted that the newest lineup is now available — just in time for Apple Watch Series 5.

Find it in the Cult of Mac Watch Store today.

Clessant puts the finest leather on your wrist

Clessant’s range offers something special for every Apple Watch owner, whether you’re dressing up for work, or dressing down for a quiet weekend. Here’s what’s on offer:

Slowly Uncorked — $157
Photo: Clessant
Clessant-Weathered Chèvre
Weathered Chèvre — $197
Photo: Clessant
Midnight Noir Gator — $347
Photo: Clessant
Clessant Gold Isère — $176
Photo: Clessant
Black Isère — $176
Photo: Clessant
Brun Vachette — $227
Photo: Clessant
Tranquille Wood — $157
Photo: Clessant

It takes a single artisan two days to craft a single Clessant strap from start to finish. Every inch of leather used is sustainably sourced and adheres to all international regulations.

These aren’t the kind of Apple Watch bands you’ll see churned out by an assembly line — and that’s evident in the exquisite build quality of each piece.

Order your Clessant strap today

Treat yourself to a stunning Clessant strap today through the Cult of Mac Watch Store. It’ll go great with your shiny new Apple Watch, and we’re confident you’ll love it.

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84 reviews

This makes the 3d case I’ve bought for my X. It’s still too new for me to say it delivers on what’s promised. That said, I wonder why no case maker designs 1 with vent holes to dissipate the heat these devices give off, especially for men who carry their phones in their pants pocket. It gets warm there.

The case has thoughtful design touches like raised “nubs” at the corners of the backside. Not only does it protect the camera it should reduce scuffing. The case should keep its crystal clear shine for several months to come.

Apple Watch band leather hybrid

I like Mira leather band very much. It is non generic and looks good. It meets my needs.

Canceled my order

My order was canceled after the case which was the wrong size. I had to pay $11.00 to return the case then your company canceled my order. The same day my brand new iPhone X managed to crack the back of the phone. for the most part I’m very unhappy but thanks for asking. If there were less stars the one I would have chose it.

Hi Ryan, I am sorry you feel this way, I know we were communicating through email but I did not get a response from my last email. I understand you placed an order for the incorrect case and as the other case you required was more expensive, we refunded you for the case that needed to be returned so the correct case could be purchased. I am very sorry you feel you did not receive the best customer service and help.
Elegant Apple watch bracelet

Finally a company has made a dressy looking, sparkling style band bracelet for the newest Apple watch! I would have given 5 starts except that the metal portion should have been longer for my wrist. I am not petite with tiny hands but tall with a larger wrist, so it looks a bit short! A longer bracelet option would be appreciated. Otherwise, I love it!! Just found it among my news stories by accident.
The finish is excellent, the color great and larger stones with more sparkle in the future would be nice too.