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These luxury bands will go great with your new Apple Watch

Don’t settle for the basic bands that ship as standard with your new Apple Watch. These leather straps from Clessant add a dash of luxury that will separate your new wearable from all the others.

Hand-crafted from the finest materials and available in a variety of styles, they’re smart, outrageously stylish, and unlike anything you’ll find in the Apple Store.

Clessant is a luxury French band-maker that has all its products handmade by ateliers in France and Belgium. It only uses carefully selected hides sourced from the world’s best tanners.

An incredible amount of effort goes into creating every Clessant strap, and we couldn’t be more delighted that the newest lineup is now available — just in time for Apple Watch Series 5.

Find it in the Cult of Mac Watch Store today.

Clessant puts the finest leather on your wrist

Clessant’s range offers something special for every Apple Watch owner, whether you’re dressing up for work, or dressing down for a quiet weekend. Here’s what’s on offer:

Slowly Uncorked — $157
Photo: Clessant
Clessant-Weathered Chèvre
Weathered Chèvre — $197
Photo: Clessant
Midnight Noir Gator — $347
Photo: Clessant
Clessant Gold Isère — $176
Photo: Clessant
Black Isère — $176
Photo: Clessant
Brun Vachette — $227
Photo: Clessant
Tranquille Wood — $157
Photo: Clessant

It takes a single artisan two days to craft a single Clessant strap from start to finish. Every inch of leather used is sustainably sourced and adheres to all international regulations.

These aren’t the kind of Apple Watch bands you’ll see churned out by an assembly line — and that’s evident in the exquisite build quality of each piece.

Order your Clessant strap today

Treat yourself to a stunning Clessant strap today through the Cult of Mac Watch Store. It’ll go great with your shiny new Apple Watch, and we’re confident you’ll love it.

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Looks cool!

I purchased the sand pink color for my bedroom to go along with my decor . I have the IPhone 12 Pro Max with the MagSafe clear case and with the MagSafe charger inside the stand it looks so cool and is very practical to view your phone from the bed. I definitely recommend this product if you have the proper equipment. 👍👍

Never received

I can't write a review of this item because I never received it. Or an explanation.

Simple to assemble and useful

I use it for my iPad Pro and so it is more comfortable to work with it as a laptop. I hope that the durability and resistance of this item will be prolonged in time. Recommendable.

Airpower - reimagined

Gorgeous and functional- meets and exceeds my expectations - form is function