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These affordable cases protect iPhone 12 without spoiling MagSafe

It’s important to protect your pricey iPhone 12, but you don’t want to ruin one of its best features. MagEasy’s affordable cases keeps yours covered up without spoiling MagSafe functionality.

They’re available in a wide range of designs and color options, and prices start at just $24.99.

iPhone 12 ships with the strongest glass you’ll find in a smartphone. It’s designed to withstand everyday dings and drops. But it’s still glass, and it will still break if it falls from a height onto a hard surface.

Keep yours in one piece by protecting it with one of MagEasy’s excellent new iPhone 12 cases.

Bag a MagEasy case for iPhone 12 from just $24.99

Super-sturdy construction means MagEasy cases keep your iPhone 12 free from scuffs, scratches, and shattered screens. They’re robust and withstand impact, but not so bulky that they’ll weigh you down.

MagSafe case for iPhone 12
The MagClear won’t hide your iPhone’s design.
Photo: MagEasy

The MagClear case is completely transparent, which means you can continue to enjoy your iPhone’s design. The Aero+ combines that design with reinforced bumpers for additional protection.

The MagSkin offers a range of color options to choose from and an ultra-slim form factor for those who want to keep things compact. It’s priced at $29.99, while the others are just $24.99.

MagSafe case for iPhone 12
The MagSkin is available in a range of color options.
Photo: MagEasy

All MagEasy cases feature magnets that make them compatible with all MagSafe accessories. They means you can use them with Apple’s MagSafe chargers, its snap-on wallets, and more.

Check out MagEasy’s car mounts

MagEasy also makes some handy MagSafe car mounts that allow you to safely use your iPhone for navigation or media playback while you’re on the road. Find the complete collection in the Cult of Mac Store today.

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The Best

Infinitely better than plastic/vinyl cases I have always used. Great to touch, good hand, smart look and works flawlessly.

No Items in Envelope !

yes i had received the shipping package that was a bubble envelope , the corner was torn with no items from my order . the items in my order was roughly $ 12.00 .
i would had paid more for a better packaging and delivery option. Keep the money , i'll never do business again with your company and will let others know of my experience.
you guys gotta do better, not just for myself but for others

Good afternoon, I am extremely sorry about this. Please can you email me, with an attached image of the package so we can get this sorted out for you as soon as possible. Many thanks Adel.

Watch protective band

Very comfortable, fits well and provides good protection for my watch. I highly recommend this watch band if you work or just play hard while wearing your Apple Watch.

Nice Band! Can you hear it?

This band is quality for the money. Compared with other bands from Amazon, this one is worth it all the way.
I hope the next iteration brings the black buckle for my black ss iWatch.

Definitely Recommend

I love this case, it feels great and gives the phone a sturdy feel without being a bulky mess like some other top brands. If you’re on the fence about it, just get it. You won’t regret it.