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Sweet Ice Cream case keeps AirPods looking cool all summer

Keep your AirPods looking cool this summer with the super-sweet Ice Cream case from Elago. Available in four delicious color options, it not only looks great, but also keeps your AirPods protected on the go.

What’s more, it’s a steal at just $18.

It’s not easy to pick fault with AirPods; they’re just too good. But if we had to lodge one complaint with Apple, it would be that their shiny white charging case gets scuffed and scratched way too easily.

Want your AirPods to look brand-new for as long as you own them? Protect them with an affordable case that offers ample scratch and impact protection — like the Ice Cream case from Elago.

Elago’s Ice Cream case makes AirPods look delightful

Made entirely from premium silicone, the Ice Cream case ensures your AirPods won’t get broken or dirty in the bottom of your backpack or pocket. Its included clip lets you attach your buds to your bag or zipper so that you never have to worry about them getting lost.

Elago Ice Cream case for AirPods
Available in four different styles.
Photo: Elago

The case is available in four awesome color options, all of which feature colorful sprinkles that will have your mouth watering. And it’s compatible with first- and second-generation AirPods charging cases, as well as Apple’s official Wireless Charging Case.

The Ice Cream case provides access to your AirPods’ Lightning port, so charging is just as easy as ever. It won’t interfere with wireless charging, either.

Get your Ice Cream case for just $18

You can order your Ice Cream case from the Cult of Mac Store today for just $18. Like all Elago products, it ships free to customers in the United States.

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