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Super-soft silicone keeps your new iPhone looking sweet

Elago’s super-soft silicone cases are a great way to ensure your brand new iPhone 11 will always look its best. They’re available now in a range of pretty colors, and they’re just $18.

Apple’s new iPhone 11 handsets might be its toughest yet, but you would be crazy to use your pricey new smartphone without a case. Recent drop tests have proven they can still scratch and shatter.

You shouldn’t just buy the first protective case you see, though. It probably doesn’t need to be big and bulky, and it almost certainly doesn’t need to cost you a lot.

Elago’s Premium Silicone Case is ideal.

Surprisingly strong silicone

Made from a high-end liquid silicone, Elago’s new case is wonderfully smooth and soft. It’s also dirt-resistant, so it won’t pick up every little piece of debris in the bottom of your pocket.

Silicone won’t stop you charging wirelessly.
Photo: Elago

Elago’s case is more robust than budget silicone cases, too. Its three-tier design includes a hard polycarbonate shell, and a soft microfiber lining that keeps your iPhone from getting scratched.

The Premium Silicone case covers your whole phone (it doesn’t ignore the bottom edge like Apple’s), but provides easy access to all ports and buttons. It’s also brilliantly affordable.

Get your Premium Silicone case for iPhone 11

Elago’s case is priced at just $18 for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. And you can get it in a bunch of gorgeous color options, including pastel green, lavender gray, and jean indigo.

Plenty of pretty colors to choose from.
Photo: Elago

The Premium Case for iPhone 11 just hit the Cult of Mac Watch Store today — go grab yours before we sell out!

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