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Speidel’s beefy leather Apple Watch band includes protective case [Review]

Your Apple Watch is always with you, which exposes it to occasional rough treatment. The Speidel Light Brown Leather Luxury Watch Band comes with a case that wraps around all the edges and corners of your wearable, protecting it from bumps.

I tested this case, and the Watch band it comes with. Read on to see how they stood up to daily life.

Speidel Light Brown Leather Luxury Watch Band and Protective Case for Apple Watch review

Speidel combined genuine leather and soft silicone rubber to make this Watch band. The leather on my test unit is unblemished and high-quality, with a smooth texture. There’s only one color option: a mid-tone brown.

The silicone rubber interior shows around the edges of this Apple Watch band, creating a brown and black combination. The look is a bit casual, but so are most clothes these days.

Speidel put grooves on the interior to allow for better airflow, hoping to make your wrist less sweaty. The feel is comfortable.

The light-brown stitching that helps hold the leather to the silicone rubber is well done. After days of use, the band is showing no signs of wear.

The buckle and both adapters that connect each half of the band to the Apple Watch are matte black. All do their jobs very well.

Protective case

The case that comes with the Speidel Light Brown Leather Luxury Watch Band is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Many iPhone cases are made of the same material because it stretches, is durable, and provides some shock protection.

In addition to shielding the Apple Watch, this case covers the wearable’s silver casing with black, so it better matches the band .

Speidel’s case fits nicely around my Apple Watch. It’s relatively tight, but there are openings for the crown, microphone and speaker.Naturally, the heart monitor isn’t covered.

The downside of this add-on is bulk. Apple’s wrist computer is already larger than a traditional watch, and wrapping it in additional plastic just adds to the size. It’s not an immense amount of bulk by any means, but might be too much for anyone who already thinks their Watch is too large.

Speidel Leather Luxury Watch Band looks great.
Speidel’s leather Apple Watch band mixes black and brown very nicely.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Speidel Light Brown Leather Luxury Watch Band and Protective Case for Apple Watch final thoughts

An attractive mix of colors and materials combine to make the Speidel Light Brown Leather Luxury Watch Band a stand-out product. It’s durable, with a semi-casual look.

The protective case should bring some peace of mind to those concerned about daily wear and tear on their Apple Watch.


The list price for the Speidel Light Brown Leather Luxury Watch Band and Protective Case for Apple Watch is $69.95. It’s available now on the Cult of Mac Watch Store for that cost.

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store

Comparable products

Anyone who just wants a nice leather band should consider the Speidel Royal English Leather Apple Watch Band. It costs $32.95.

If you’re interested in this product primarily because of the protective case, Elkson offers bumper cases for Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5. These cost $10.99 without bands.

Speidel provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy, and check out more in-depth reviews of Apple-related items.

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Missing one (or two) key element

Make it work with Magsafe, perhaps by adding a bamboo backrest with an indentation for a MagSafe puck, and you'll have a winner. Add a shelf on the other side with charge pad for AirPods and it would be perfect!

40 day review

When asked how I like the product I ordered from Cult of Mac 40 days ago...the answer is, I’m still waiting on the product to arrive! Never would have ordered it if I had any idea that it would take this long to arrive!

Perfect stand

The stand is perfect for the mag changer and adds a little style to the nightstand or desk.

Fantastic product

The simplicity of the stand and the way it works with my existing MagSafe. The look, the angle of the phone, just like apple products it just works.

Great product!

I really like the Elago MS1 stand for my iPhone 12. The angle is great and it fits the Apple MagSafe charger perfectly. The angle is not adjustable but the angle it sits at is perfect. It takes up some space on your desk/night table but again that doesn’t bother me for my space. The product is well made with no visible flaws. No shipping to Canada would be my only complaint.
Overall a great product.
Thank you!