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Slope stand is sleek, magical and on sale at a sweet discount

Slope from Wiplabs might just be one of the prettiest stands you can buy for iPhone and iPad. It’s a simple, sleek piece of aluminum that uses micro-suction to hold onto almost anything.

If you’re after something sexy that looks great alongside all your Apple products, check it out today!

There are countless stands out there for smartphones and tablets. It can be hard to choose the right one for you. But if what you’re after is sleek and sexy, and universal compatibility with almost all devices, the Slope is well worth your hard-earned cash.

Slope makes stands sexy

Made from high-quality aluminum, and anodized to deliver the same finish as a MacBook, the Slope is incredibly good-looking. It would look right at home in an Apple Store.

Plus, it's dead easy to use. No knobs, screws, or weird moving parts.
Using the Slope couldn’t be simpler.
Photo: Wiplabs

But it’s not the brushed aluminum that makes the Slope so terrific; it’s the high-grade Japanese micro-suction rubber. That’s what clings onto your device — and prevents the Slope from falling over.

There are two pads on the Slope. One on its face and one on its base. Each has thousands of microscopic air pockets across its surface that act like tiny suction cups.

Slope’s amazing micro-suction tech

Pressing an object against those pads creates a surprisingly strong vacuum. So it will securely hold onto your iPhone, iPhone, handheld console, and just about any other gadget with a flat surface.

Slope has the same anodized finish as an iMac or MacBook, and a sticky micro-suction pad that holds your iPad firmly in place while you get work done.
Its micro-suction rubber works like magic.
Photo: Wiplabs

What’s more, those pads never lose their grip. Simply clean them with water when they get a little grubby, and they’ll continue to work as intended over and over again.

The Slope comes in two sizes. The mini model works with devices up to 8 inches, while the large model works with devices up to 10.5 inches — like the newest iPad and iPad Air.

Get yours today

Both models are available now from the Cult of Mac Store. The mini is just $39.99, while the large model is $49.99. Check out our full review for more.

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