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Sleek Elago MagSafe stands keep your charging iPhone functional

Elago, based in San Diego, has added two sleek aluminum MagSafe-compatible iPhone charging stands to the Cult of Mac Store. What’s great about them? They make it easy to keep using your favorite gadget while it rapidly charges, sitting upright on the stand, easily at hand. Or easily hands-free, as the case may be.

Keep your charging iPhone functional

They’re perfect for charging your phone while on FaceTime calls and while you’re using it in other ways.

They Elago MS4 Aluminum Charging Stand for MagSafe and the Elago MS3 Aluminum Charging Stand for MagSafe are both available for $27.99 and come in black, jean indigo and silver colors. The difference between the two is simply in the design, with the MS4 allowing the iPhone to sit a little higher off the desktop.

Sleek designs and premium materials

Compatible with any MagSafe-enabled phone for easy and fast charging, the stands are a great addition to any desktop, nightstand or countertop. They’re compact and sleek, built from Elago’s own designs.

Both stands make use of anodized, non-recycled aluminum and premium silicone to created a lightweight package that helps protect your device and the surface the stand rests on from damage.

MagSafe installation is easy as shown with the Elago MS3 stand.
MagSafe installation is easy as shown with the Elago MS3 stand.
Photo: Elago

Help with cable clutter

What’s more, you can organize cable clutter with designed cable cutouts. Simply pull the cables through the designated space to help keep your areas clean and tidy.

Note that for proper use of the stand, your phone needs to have a case that is compatible with MagSafe (with magnets built into the case), or no case at all for direct use with the device.

Buy Elago MS4 from: Cult of Mac Store

Buy Elago MS3 from: Cult of Mac Store

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