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Silicone case makes Apple TV’s new Siri Remote even more awesome

If the stark aluminum chassis of the new Siri Remote leaves you cold, a stylish new silicone case from Elago could warm your heart.

It’s not only about making the Apple TV remote more comfortable in your hands, though. The R1 Intelli Case packs a trick or two. And it comes in any color you want — as long as that color is “black as Steve Jobs’ turtleneck.”

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2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R1 Intelli Case

Gone are the days when you desperately needed a case to “fix” the Apple TV remote. A completely redesigned Siri Remote became the main highlight of this year’s Apple TV upgrade. And since the 2021 Siri Remote works with some older models, the $59.99 clicker became a mandatory upgrade for folks frustrated by the old, perplexingly flat version.

Elago made its case for the new Apple TV remote out of thick silicone to protect the pricey device. Just slide one on, and there’s no need to worry about denting the aluminum remote (or worse) if you drop it. Slightly thicker on each end than Apple’s design, the case protects the remote from dirt, dust and oil deposited by your filthy butterfingers, too.

The case comes with an optional strap to keep the remote even more secure. And Elago says it’s ergonomically designed to make it great for playing Apple Arcade games on your sweet big screen.

As with all Elago products, you can expect a snug fit that won’t get loose and sloppy over time. And the precise cutouts give you perfect access to the Siri button on the side of the remote.

Apple TV remote is even better with magnets

Elago 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R1 Intelli Case: This Apple TV remote case comes with a superpower: magnets!
This Apple TV remote case comes with a superpower: magnets!
Photo: Elago

About that special trick … since the redesigned Siri Remote inexplicably lacks AirTag-style tech that would let you find it when it’s lost in the couch cushions, the R1 Intelli Case adds powerful magnets. That way you can attach it easily to something metallic near your easy chair.

Apple designers are so crazy in love with magnets, you’d think they might have thought of that!

Price: $11.99

Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

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