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Save up to 33% on Olpr’s real leather accessories for AirTag

Olpr’s awesome new AirTag accessories, all beautifully made from genuine leather, just hit the Cult of Mac Store. And you can bag yours at up to 33% off the usual price for a limited time only.

Prices start at just $25, which gets you a bag charm, luggage tag, or keyring for easily and securely attaching AirTag to precious belongings.

AirTag could well be the most advanced item tracker ever built for the average consumer. But if has one major flaw: Without an add-on of some kind (or sticky tape) you can’t attach it to the items you want to track.

The good news is that countless manufacturers are already rolling out great AirTag accessories in large numbers. If you’re looking for some with more of a high-end feel, check out Olpr’s awesome new lineup.

Olpr provides AirTag’s missing piece

Made only from fine genuine leather, sourced from Italy and Milwaukee, Olpr’s new accessories provide AirTag’s missing piece. You can use them to attach Apple’s tiny tracker to almost anything you don’t want to lose.

Get yours in Italian or Milwaukee leather.
Photo: Olpr

There are three options to choose from, including the bag charm, luggage tag, and keyring. Each features a holster for your AirTag, as well as a method of attaching it — like a loop or keyring — to something else.

The Milwaukee leather accessories come in tan, while the Italian leather ones are a gorgeous red. Each is finished with a combination of oils and waxes that help ensure they last a long time and always look good.

The three accessories are priced at just $25 (down from $35 for a limited time) individually, or you can pick up all three in a bundle for $60 (down from $90). The discount won’t last long, so enjoy it while you can.

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