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Save on Elago’s insanely cool AirPods, Apple Watch accessories

Elago’s brilliant retro charging stands for Apple Watch, inspired by iconic devices like the original Macintosh and Game Boy, are now available at 10% off the usual price for a limited time.

The same discount applies to AirPods cases and the rest of the Elago lineup when you buy from the Cult of Mac Store. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re also giving you free standard shipping.

Elago accessories are a great buy for any Apple fan. That’s because they’re not just terrific products; many of them are also styled on retro Apple devices, like the iPod and iMac G3.

Prices usually start at a mere $13, but for a limited time only, you can save 10% on every Elago product in the Cult of Mac Store.

Save 10% on Elago

That means you’ll pay just $11.70 for the basic W2 stand for Apple Watch, $14.40 for the W3 stand inspired by the original Macintosh, and $16.20 for the W4 stand inspired by iMac G3.

The W4 stand looks just like an iMac G3.
Photo: Elago

The W5 stand inspired by Game Boy is down to just $17.10. AirPods cases can be yours for as little as $11.70. AirPods EarHooks, which prevent your buds from falling out, are down to $12.60.

Elago’s terrific and virtually unbreakable 3-in-1 charging hub, which tops-up iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously, is now just $27 — down from $30.

The only charging hub you need.
Photo: Elago

Elago now makes iPhone cases, too, and those start at just $14.40.

Great products and great prices

All Elago accessories are made from super-sturdy plastic or flexible silicone, which means they’re ideal for even the clumsiest Apple fans. Many also come in a range of pretty color options.

We’ll recommend Elago products to anyone because they’re that good — and immensely cool. So cool, in fact, that you’ll find it hard not to buy them all at once.

Shop our Elago collection today to save 10% and get free standard shipping on everything.

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Great band

My hubby loves the feel and color of the bands

Not impressed

No real easy way to attach cables to it. Also, can't easily use Qi charging for iPhone... The bamboo wood part of it is nice though, even if not very useful. I bought this as an experiment to see how it would work out. Having to actually plug the iPhone cable in to the phone is not what I would call convenient. This will probably end up as a paper weight.


The Charging Station is just what I was looking for to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch at night. It is attractive AND very functional for my purposes.

Great charger

Love the charger. It works great and stays on my phone securely but not too difficult to remove.