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Save 20% on Ullu’s outstanding Pocket Wallet for iPhone

You can now save 20% on Ullu’s outstanding Pocket Wallet for iPhone for a limited time.

The slimline sleeve wraps your iPhone in luxurious Italian leather, and comes in nine gorgeous finishes. It also has space for your credit cards so you can leave your old wallet at home.

We just reviewed the Ullu Pocket Wallet and we couldn’t have been more impressed with it. It’s one of the finest wallet cases money can buy for the iPhone, and it looks terrific.

It’s also nowhere near as expensive as it looks.

Ullu’s Pocket Wallet was made to impress

The Pocket Wallet is hand-crafted from incredibly soft calf leather that’s a joy to hold. It covers almost every inch of your iPhone to protect it while it’s not in use, and boasts a microfiber lining that prevents scratches.

Almost every inch is protected.
Photo: Adel Neal/Cult of Mac

The Wallet holds onto your iPhone tightly so it won’t slip out, but it’s still easy to remove when you want to use it. A gap at the bottom of the case lets you access your iPhone’s Lightning port for charging without having to take it out.

You can still charge your iPhone wirelessly while it’s inside the Wallet, and it won’t interfere with Apple Pay, either. Simply slide your iPhone out ever so slightly to reveal its Face ID sensors, double-tap the side button, and you’re ready to pay.

Who needs a regular wallet?

The Pocket Wallet has space for three credit or ID cards, or two cards and a nice wad of cash. That means you can finally ditch your regular wallet and just carry one compact package.

Unlike other wallet cases for iPhone, this one isn’t bulky, and it doesn’t have a flappy front cover that just gets in your way. Even with every card slot filled, the Pocket Wallet still feels nice and slim, and you’ll have no trouble slipping it into your pants.

Plenty of space for cards and cash.
Photo: Adel Neal/Cult of Mac

Ullu has gone to great lengths to ensure the Pocket Wallet looks good and is built to last, and it shows. The case is stunning and feels incredibly durable — and I can’t recommend it enough.

Get yours for 20% less

Order your Pocket Wallet from the Cult of Mac Watch Store today and get 20% off the usual price.

The iPhone XS model is now just $55.20 (down from $69), while the iPhone XS Max model is now $63.20 (down from $79). Both are available in tangerine, deep sea, Indian pink, knight rider, and more.

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Nice band. Worked well. Need to be sure to watch the video on using the tool to adjust the band.

never receive my purchase

I contacted the store but they never replayed to me i don't recommend to buy here!

Sadie, the elder, says .....

Not only is this iWatch such a practical means of holding my watch while charging, it’s a hoot - looks like my original Mac. I love it.

The case doesn’t totally align but it does it’s job. The part that stinks is that it attracts lint and dust because it’s silicone.

Great tidy solution

You know what happens, all your devices need a charger. 2 iPhones, an Apple Watch, iPad and more. My old solution was fast charger with 4 USB outlets plugged in to an outlet in the kitchen. Worked, but not pretty.

Let me start by saying this charger looks great. I got rid of all the other cables and keep this out in the kitchen. Much tidier! Phones charge quickly. Apple watch does too but you to be careful that it goes on right. Also, I have a metal band on mine so I have to close it before I put it on the stand or else it would rest on the screen of the phone below it.