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Save 20% on superb Strapa bands for Apple Watch

Labor Day might be over already, but the discounts keep on coming at the Cult of Mac Watch Store. The latest gets you 20% off all superb Strapa bands for Apple Watch until September 7.

Made from beautiful Italian leather and sturdy stainless steel fixings, Strapa bands are up there with some of the finest you can buy for Apple Watch. Especially when you can get them at a discount!

And there are plenty to choose from.

What makes Strapa bands special

Whether you want your leather strap to be simple and smooth, polished to a glossy finish, or naturally vintage, there’s a Strapa band for you.

They’re all made from the finest leather and finished with a wonderfully soft backing that makes them insanely comfortable. Precise stitching with a linen thread ensures longevity and prevents each band from stretching and morphing over time.

The finest Italian leather.
Photo: Strapa

Strapa has even gone to great lengths to create a stainless steel buckle — available in black or silver — without sharp edges, so it won’t damage or cut into the leather over time.

Get sweet Strapa bands at a discount

If you’re shopping for a high-quality leather band that’s well worth your hard-earned cash, we urge you to check out Strapa’s lineup. Preferably before September 7.

All Strapa bands are now available at 20% through the Cult of Mac Watch Store. Bag yours before the sale ends — and don’t forget to check out our other Labor Day deals.

You will also find 20% off products from Twelve South, Carterjett, Just Mobile, and Ullua great bundle deal from Nyloon, and 15% off everything from Juuk.

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