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Save $15 on the brilliant AirFly Classic adapter for AirPods

Twelve South’s terrific AirFly Classic adapter lets you connect your beloved AirPods to almost anything. And you can bag yours today at 33% off the usual price through the Cult of Mac Store.

AirPods might be the finest product Apple has ever made. They’re certainly the world’s best-selling headphones. But because they’re wireless, there are a lot of devices they won’t play nicely with.

That’s why you need AirFly Classic. This little gadget, about as big as an AirPods case, plugs into any 3.5mm headphone jack to add AirPods compatibility. And it works a treat!

Every AirPods user should have AirFly

AirFly lets you connect AirPods to gym equipment, in-flight entertainment systems, older home stereos and TVs that lack Bluetooth connectivity, and other devices like the Nintendo Switch.

Setup is incredibly simple; just plug AirFly into your chosen device, pair your AirPods, and you’re good to go. AirFly works with other Bluetooth headphones, too — not just those made by Apple.

The adapter has a built-in battery that lasts for around eight hours in between charges. You can top it up by plugging in a standard microUSB cable. It also promises high-quality sound.

Save 33% on AirFly today

AirFly is normally priced at $44.99, but we’re working with Twelve South to offer it at just $29.99 for Cult of Mac Store customers. This is a limited-time discount, so enjoy it while you can!

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