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Save $10 on this gorgeous Apple Watch stand by Twelve South

Save $10 on this gorgeous Apple Watch stand by Twelve South

Give your beloved Apple Watch one of the prettiest charging stands money can buy and get $10 off for a limited time.

Inspired by the best Apple products, the Twelve South Forté fuses shiny chrome and luxury leather for a positively premium look. And it works with any Apple Watch and any band.

When you spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy smartwatch, it’s a shame to just throw it down on a table at the end of the day. So why not give yours a charging stand that’s fit for an Apple product?

Twelve South has a reputation for crafting brilliant accessories for Apple devices. They’re beautifully designed, built from the best materials, and last a lifetime. And the Forté is no different.

Forté charges Apple Watch in style

Forté makes charging docks look spectacular. Its sturdy chrome arm holds up your Apple Watch in portrait or Nightstand orientation and almost makes it look like it’s elegantly levitating in thin air.

Outstanding design and only premium materials.
Photo: Twelve South

At the bottom of the stand is a soft, full-grain leather pad. It prevents dangling Apple Watch bands from getting scratched, and serves as a great place to put your iPhone overnight.

Beneath the Forté is a silicone base that ensures it won’t damage your bedside table, or slide off easily if you bump into it. And your Watch charging cable is neatly secured to keep it tidy.

It’ll hold onto your iPhone, too.
Photo: Twelve South

Save $10 on your Forté today

The sleek yet simple design of the Forté means it fits right into the decor of any bedroom, living room, or office. And thanks to our $10 discount, you can bag yours for less than you might think.

Order from the Cult of Mac Watch Store today and get the Forté for just $49.99 — down from $59.99. This is a limited-time discount that won’t last long, so enjoy it while you can.

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