Protect your iPhone with this super-slim, invisible, self-healing case

by Kristal Chan March 11, 2019

With the Cult of Mac Watch Store’s new goodies from Just Mobile, we had to revisit TENC Air – the incredibly slim, apocalypse-proof, self-healing iPhone case from the same brand.

Yes, it is all those things and more.

Five months ago, we did our first review of TENC Air, and the results blew our minds. Subsequently, these bad boys started flying off our virtual shelves.

Fast forward to the present, and I’m still sporting my TENC case. Why?

Because this triple threat is the real deal, and what’s more is TENC truly stands the test of time (aka 1000s of parking lot iPhone drops since my first review).

Don’t believe us? Watch the video down below for yourself.

TENC is surviving this Armageddon and the next

Combining a crystal-clear hardshell back with shockproof thermoplastic sides, Just Mobile’s TENC Air is specifically designed to protect glass-backed iPhones. For just $24.95, you’d have to mental not to snatch this case up right now.

It offers all-round protection from bumps, scrapes, drops, and dust.

However, it’s most impressive tech spec is undoubtedly Just Mobile’s self-healing patent.

Most advanced self-healing case for the iPhone X lineup

A serious proven upgrade from cheap plastic cases at the same price point.
A serious proven upgrade from cheap plastic cases at the same price point.
Photo: Just Mobile

Just Mobile paints its cases with a German patented self-healing coating. Everyday wear and tear heals in a matter of seconds, literally.

Before shipment, every case endures a rigorous ‘torture test,’ shown in the video above, which guarantees maximum durability and protection for your beloved iPhone.

My case still stands up to the accidental abuse it endures on a daily basis.

Up the ante in durability and protection

Safe from all drops, scrapes, bumps, and skydiving accidents.
Safe from all drops, scrapes, bumps, and the occasional skydiving accident.
Photo: Just Mobile

In addition to its self-healing abilities, this iPhone case has impressive structural integrity. You won’t be compromising protection for simplicity in design here.

Even with a slight raised bezel edge to protect your iPhone screen and camera lens from touching surfaces, TENC is still ultra slim.
Even with a slight raised bezel edge to protect your iPhone screen and camera lens from touching surfaces, TENC is still ultra slim.
Photo: Just Mobile

At just .35 centimeters slim and 6 grams light, this case fits the name The Emperor’s New Clothes (TENC) perfectly. In all its regal nakedness, TENC still offers outstanding protection.

It’s shock-proof air corners are specifically designed to absorb 90% of critical impact while the case itself is crafted from a two-tone molded composite material:

  1. Clear, soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) makes up the outer frame, which is impact resistant yet supple and easy to slip on and off your iPhone.
  2. Hardshell polycarbonate (PC) equips the back panel, providing rigid support and protection.

In fact, the only times my iPhone has sustained lasting damage since using TENC was when I foolishly switched it out to try different cases.

Needless to say, I haven’t taken off my TENC case since.

Stay true to Apple’s design and craftsmanship

A minimalist approach to heavy duty protection.
A minimalist approach to heavy duty protection.
Photo: Just Mobile

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Ditch the bulk without compromising protection.

Just Mobile engineers an amazing product that works superbly without taking away from an already outstanding product – the iPhone.

I’m a huge fan of keeping things simple, clean, and effective when it comes to tech and design. They say great design is something that will go unnoticed, and that’s 100 percent true for TENC.

It’s crystal-clear body leaves Apple’s clean and gorgeous design on display. Unlike most cheap, plastic cases, TENC’s high clarity polycarbonate material is treated with an anti-aging, anti-yellowing formula.

Imagine sticking a Picasso in a rinky dink frame from your neighbor's garage sale.
Imagine sticking a Picasso in a rinky dink frame from your neighbor’s garage sale.
Photo: Just Mobile

Okay, so your iPhone is a far stone’s throw away from a priceless work of art, but you’d value it just the same, considering it will probably never leave your side until your next upgrade.

For a more in depth review of TENC Air’s tech specs, check out our first review here.

Be sure to score your own TENC from our watch store!

Price: $24.95

Buy from: Cult of Mac Watch Store






Kristal Chan
Kristal Chan


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