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Protect Apple Watch with this brilliant band + bumper duo (and save 15%)

Apple Watch might be surprisingly tough for a tiny gadget, but it’s not completely indestructible. Don’t wear yours unprotected.

Pick up this excellent band + bumper duo from the Cult of Mac Store today for under $33.

The duo includes our incredibly popular Quattro Bumper case from Elkson, plus the terrific Hybrid Sports band — both of which we’ve gushed about before. They’re brilliantly made, but they won’t break the bank, especially if you buy them together.

A must-have for every Apple Watch

What’s great about the Hybrid Sports band is that it looks like a traditional leather band at first glance. But if you flip it over, you’ll find a silicone backing that makes it even more comfortable.

That backing improves durability and makes the Hybrid Sports, unlike other leather bands, ideal for working out and other high-intensity activities that cause you to get all sweaty.

Available in brown or camo for 44mm Apple Watch models.
Photo: Mifa/Elkson

When combined with the Quattro Bumper, your Apple Watch is protected against the scuffs and scratches it might usually pick up when you’re in the gym, or out in harsh environments.

The duo is essential for any 44mm Apple Watch owner who likes getting dirty in the great outdoors, or has to work outside of a warm and comfy office.

Save when you buy the bundle

The Hybrid Sports band is usually priced at $25 by itself, while the Quattro Bumper costs $11.99. So buying both products individually will set you back $36.99. But if you buy them together through the Cult of Mac Store, you’ll pay just $32.99.

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