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Power multiple devices in sight with dual charge nightstand mode

AirPower is dead and gone, but in the midst of the scramble for the next best thing, its alternatives have been selling out fast. So, what now? The HiRise Duet stand may be the perfect solution, and we’ve got it in the Cult of Mac Watch Store.

This luxe charging stand powers your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, in the same place. With 15-watts of Lightning Power, HiRise Duet charges your iPhone 40 percent faster than standard USB, and almost twice as fast as wireless.

Best part? Unlike flat charging pads, Duet holds your iPhone and Apple Watch upright so you can see and interact with your devices while charging. Check it out:

Exceptional hardware and performance

HiRise Duet is the first dual charging stand that powers up Apple Watch in Nightstand mode.
In the hand, this thing makes me think it was Colonel Mustard in the study with the HiRise Duet.
Photo: Twelve South

Unlike plastic stands that get dragged across the nightstand from the weight of the power cord, the all metal HiRise Duet stays put. It’s definitely got sturdy weight to it, which is great considering you’ll want your iDevices to stay put and safe.

Made from sleek metal and accented with supple leather, this elegant stand includes its own integrated Lightning Connector and Watch Charging Disk, so you never have to search for cables again.

It’s an all-in-one win.

I have a case on my iPhone X, and Duet still works and fits perfectly. You won’t have to worry about Qi compatible iPhone cases here.

Plus, Twelve South’s design is thoughtful and efficient. To protect your watch, the base is lined with a soft layer of premium leather — a miniature thrown for your precious wearable.

Bedside struggles solved with Nightstand mode

My favorite perk about this stand is its display design. It holds Apple Watch on its side, which automatically turns it into a bedside alarm clock, with the crown serving as a snooze button. It makes the morning struggle to hit snooze dangerously easy.

I can peek at the time via nightstand mode on Apple Watch or effortlessly check important notifications on my iPhone with a glance before sneaking in a few extra minutes of sleep.

With everything you need in one space, HiRise Duet is the ultimate charging companion that is compatible with all your iDevices including the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

Grab yours now before it sells out!

Price: Originally $119.00, $99.99

Buy from: Watch Store

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Great watch band

Band looked exactly like picture. Good quality & fast shipping.

Nice band. Worked well. Need to be sure to watch the video on using the tool to adjust the band.

never receive my purchase

I contacted the store but they never replayed to me i don't recommend to buy here!

Hi Luis, I am extremely sorry if you did not receive my response to you back on Jan 3. I contact the vendor who advised me you have received a tracking email. It seems the delivery address was not complete. I will send you all these details now that I have received but tracking does state this was delivered. My apologies for the delayed response to you. Many thanks Adel.
Sadie, the elder, says .....

Not only is this iWatch such a practical means of holding my watch while charging, it’s a hoot - looks like my original Mac. I love it.

The case doesn’t totally align but it does it’s job. The part that stinks is that it attracts lint and dust because it’s silicone.