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Olpr case protects your iPhone with the luscious leather it deserves

When it comes to protecting your precious iPhone, you may choose not to cheapen its premium design with tacky plastics and subpar silicone. You may instead choose to wrap it in the luscious leather it deserves.

Olpr can help. Its high-end, handmade iPhone 12 case is made almost entirely from genuine leather that’s combined with a microfiber lining. The end result offers impressive protection and sweet sophistication.

Oh, it’s also more affordable than Apple’s own Leather Case for iPhone.

Olpr’s iPhone case is actually a lot like Apple’s own. It’s designed to fit your iPhone like a glove, protect it when it gets dropped, and stay out of your way so your device never feels too fat and cumbersome.

It does those things incredibly well, and the attention to detail is terrific, too. You’ll find the Olpr logo neatly and subtly stamped into the back of the case, as well as button covers that ensure interaction remains easy.

Olpr leather case for iPhone
Get yours for just $39.
Photo: Olpr

The case also features a lip that wraps around your iPhone’s edges to protect its screen. And like all great leather goods, this one looks even better over time as it developers a unique and satisfying patina.

Not only is this a great iPhone case, then, but it’s also an affordable one. Its price tag of $39 makes it much cheaper than other high-end leather cases for iPhone, which will typically cost you upwards of $50.

Interested? Order your Olpr case for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max from the Cult of Mac Store today.

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This case is a simple, straightforward case that does the job it’s intended for. Look no further, this is what you need.

This is a great case. I love that it is magnetized!

I love everything about this case. It is non-slip, easy to grip, has magnets in it so you can stick it on something metal so you don’t lose it, has a lanyard for your wrist and protects the remote.

Absolutely Excellent. I'm about to order my second one!

Review of case

Excellent. Exceeded my expectations!