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Little Buddy case keeps iPads safe around clumsy kids

Every parent knows that one of the most effective ways to appease an unhappy child is to hand them an iPad. And with the brilliant Little Buddy case from Laut, it’s finally safe to do so.

The Little Buddy’s lightweight yet rugged design, made from impact-resistant EVA foam, makes an iPad easy to carry around, and prevents it from shattering into pieces when it inevitably gets dropped.

It’s compatible with a wide range of iPad models, and it’s a bargain at under $35.

It’s no wonder today’s kids are fascinated by the iPad. They can use it to watch their favorite movies and TV shows, play their favorite games, and even to learn using a wide range of terrific education apps.

But an iPad isn’t exactly the most affordable toy you might give your children. So when you do, it’s important to make sure that no matter how clumsy they might be, your pricey tablet will remain in one piece.

That’s why you need a Little Buddy case.

Little Buddy makes iPad child-safe

Designed to be ultra-protective first and foremost, the Little Buddy’s foam design absorbs impact to ensure your iPad doesn’t feel a thing when it takes a tumble, or gets bashed against a wall.

Little Buddy case for iPad
Its handle doubles as a stand for typing and watching movies.
Photo: Laut

Its contoured edges make iPad easier to hold onto — even for the smallest hands — while a build-in handle makes it easy to carry around. The handle can also be folded down to double as a stand.

The Little Buddy is made entirely from non-toxic materials, so you don’t to worry if it gets chewed, and it won’t get in the way of iPad’s camera, charging port, headphone jack, or speakers.

Bag your Little Buddy for under $35

You can get your Little Buddy case for iPad mini, 9.7-inch iPad models, and 10.2- and 10.5-inch iPad models. Prices start at just $29.99, and you can get yours in blue or pink from the Cult of Mac Store.

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Elevated quality and protection

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Love this heavy duty band

Ordered this band to match my blue Series 6. The color is spot on, and the clasp is excellent. It looks really nice on my wrist!


Clever way to add air tag to bike

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Hopefully will prove a sturdy mount for a trail bike used on rough routes