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Laut’s colorful cases give iPhone 11, 11 Pro a fresh new look

Tired of looking at the same old iPhone? Give yours a fresh new look with a colorful new case from Laut. They offer robust protection against scuffs and scratches, as well as hard knocks and drops, and they’re available in a number of eye-catching finishes.

Get yours today from as little as $24.99.

Why spend $700+ on a shiny new iPhone just to throw it in a boring case that makes it look like every other smartphone on the market? Make yours stand out while giving it ample protection with a Shield or Crystal Matter case from Laut.

Both have been designed to protect your iPhone from the elements without ruining its slim form factor — or making it look like another unexciting slab of glass.

Add a splash of color to your iPhone

The ultra-protective Shield case is ideal for those who have a habit of dropping their iPhone. Its dual-later design combines a soft inner layer with a hard outer shell that ensures your device remains intact, and in pristine condition, when it takes a tumble.

Laut Shield case for iPhone
Dual-layer protection against knocks and drops.
Photo: Laut

Tactile buttons finished in silver make iPhone’s physical controls easier to see and easier to press. And despite its super-sturdy design, the Shield won’t prevent you from charging your iPhone wirelessly.

Get yours in mint, coral, indigo, or black from the Cult of Mac Store. The Shield is compatible with iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max and costs just $24.99.

The best of both worlds

Those who want colorful protection without hiding their iPhone completely should check out Laut’s Crystal Matter case instead. It combines a colorful bumper that provides great protection with a transparent back that lets you see your iPhone’s glass.

Laut Crystal Matter case for iPhone
You don’t have to hide your iPhone completely.
Photo: Laut

The Crystal Matter case uses Laut’s impressive Air Frame Technology to cushion your iPhone during impact, and can withstand drops from up to six meters. And yet, it’s still wonderfully slim for a protective case, so you won’t have any problems slipping it into your pocket.

Just like the Shield, Crystal Matter works great with wireless charging pads, and it comes in a number of bright and beautiful color options for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. You can bag yours for just $29.99.

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