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Last chance: Save up to $50 on Twelve South’s stunning HiRise stands

The Cult of Mac Store’s mega deal on Twelve South’s stunning HiRise stands ends today. Take advantage of it now to save up to $50 before it’s too late.

Both the HiRise Wireless for iPhone and the HiRise Duet for iPhone and Apple Watch are included in the sale. They’re some of the finest stands money can buy, and they make for terrific holiday gifts.

Your pricey Apple devices deserve a nice place to charge. You don’t want to be slapping them down on your nightstand at the end of day like you have no respect for their feelings. That’s why you should pick up a HiRise stand.

Made from high-end materials and built to last, the HiRise Duet and HiRise Wireless feel like they were designed by Apple. They look terrific no matter where you put them, and there couldn’t be a better time to buy one.

Save up to $50 on HiRise charging stands

Pick up your HiRise stand from the Cult of Mac Store before 11:59 p.m. PT today and save up to $50. The HiRise Wireless is down to $50 (from $79.99), and the HiRise Duet is down to $50 (from $99.99).

These are the biggest discounts we’ve offered on these products to date, and you won’t see them again any time soon. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this sale ahead of the holidays.

HiRise Duet for iPhone and Apple Watch

The HiRise Duet charges iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. It holds your iPhone upright so it’s easy to see incoming notifications, while your Apple Watch sits in Nightstand mode so you have easy access to the time.

The HiRise Duet is compatible with all iPhone and Apple Watch models (and supports iPad mini). And it ships with all the cables and charging adapters you’ll need, so there’s no need to add your own.

HiRise Wireless for iPhone

HiRise Wireless offers the fastest possible wireless charging for iPhone and other Qi-compatible devices — including AirPods. Like the Duet, it holds your iPhone upright so it’s easy to see, and ships with all the cables you’ll need.

Twelve South HiRise Wireless
The HiRise Wireless is so well designed it actually makes your desk look better.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

What makes the HiRise Wireless special is that its wireless charging pad can be removed. So when you travel, you can leave the stand at home but take the pad with you for top-ups on the go.

Check out our full HiRise Wireless review.

Sale ends today!

Go claim your HiRise stand from the Cult of Mac Store now. And look out for 20% off all other Twelve South accessories, including cases for iPhone and AirPods, the PlugBug Duo for MacBook, and more.

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Missing one (or two) key element

Make it work with Magsafe, perhaps by adding a bamboo backrest with an indentation for a MagSafe puck, and you'll have a winner. Add a shelf on the other side with charge pad for AirPods and it would be perfect!

40 day review

When asked how I like the product I ordered from Cult of Mac 40 days ago...the answer is, I’m still waiting on the product to arrive! Never would have ordered it if I had any idea that it would take this long to arrive!

Perfect stand

The stand is perfect for the mag changer and adds a little style to the nightstand or desk.

Fantastic product

The simplicity of the stand and the way it works with my existing MagSafe. The look, the angle of the phone, just like apple products it just works.

Great product!

I really like the Elago MS1 stand for my iPhone 12. The angle is great and it fits the Apple MagSafe charger perfectly. The angle is not adjustable but the angle it sits at is perfect. It takes up some space on your desk/night table but again that doesn’t bother me for my space. The product is well made with no visible flaws. No shipping to Canada would be my only complaint.
Overall a great product.
Thank you!