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Keep your MacBook looking like new with this ultra-slim hard case

Apple computers hold their value remarkably well — especially when they’re well looked after. Keep your MacBook looking brand-new with an ultra-slim, ultra-affordable hard case from Elago.

These snap-on protectors prevent your machine from picking up scuffs and scratches while it’s on the move. They’re not too thick or too heavy, and they don’t hide your MacBook’s gorgeous design.

Get yours today from the Cult of Mac Store for as little as $24.99.

A MacBook is the ideal travel companion for anyone who needs to stay productive when they’re on the go. But if you take yours everywhere with you, you’ll notice it quickly begins to pick up wear and tear.

Cool aluminum can scratch easily when brushing up against the zipper on your laptop bag, or being pushed around on a table. Don’t let your MacBook go unprotected.

Pick up Elago’s Ultra Slim Hard Case for MacBook

Made from polycarbonate plastic that’s just one millimeter thick, Elago’s Ultra Slim Hard Case covers almost every inch of your MacBook’s unibody without ruining its slim and sexy form factor.

Simply snap the covers onto the top and bottom of your machine, and they will remain free from marks and scratches. So, no matter how hard you make your MacBook work, it’ll stay looking brand-new.

The Ultra Slim Hard Case is available in clear or gray color options, both of which are transparent, that don’t hide your MacBook’s already attractive design or weigh you down.

It’s also available for MacBook Air, and all recent models of MacBook Pro — including the beefy 16-inch model — with prices starting at just $24.99. Order yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.

Don’t forget to protect your keys

Want protection for your keyboard, too? Elago also offers new silicone keyboard skins that are a joy to type on. They not only protect your keys from wear, but also from dust and debris that can cause damage.

Elago keyboard skin for MacBook
Keep your keyboard free from debris.
Photo: Elago

Get yours for 13-, 15-, and 16-inch MacBook models for just $13.

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Great band

My hubby loves the feel and color of the bands

Not impressed

No real easy way to attach cables to it. Also, can't easily use Qi charging for iPhone... The bamboo wood part of it is nice though, even if not very useful. I bought this as an experiment to see how it would work out. Having to actually plug the iPhone cable in to the phone is not what I would call convenient. This will probably end up as a paper weight.


The Charging Station is just what I was looking for to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch at night. It is attractive AND very functional for my purposes.

Great charger

Love the charger. It works great and stays on my phone securely but not too difficult to remove.