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Keep your iPhone at the ready with Laut’s stunning necklace sleeve

Laut’s super-stylish Prestige Necklace Sleeve lets you wear your iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone XS Max so that it’s always ready to go. It’s made from high-quality leather, looks terrific, and keeps your iPhone protected.

Bag yours today from the Cult of Mac Store for just $34.99.

You might already own a watch that shows you your notifications, tracks your workouts, and lets you use some of your favorite apps (sort of). But what if you had a necklace that could do all that and more?

The Prestige Necklace Sleeve is like a tiny purse for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS Max that lets you wear your device around your neck or across your body. You’ll never misplace it again, and it’s always close when you need it.

Wear your iPhone and look good

Made almost entirely from soft, premium, and vegan Saffiano leather, the Prestige Necklace Sleeve looks terrific. Every bit of it, from its gold metal hardware to its incredibly precise stitching, oozes quality.

The Prestige isn’t just a wonderful fashion statement, but it’s beautifully put together and incredibly robust. It’ll last you a lifetime, and does a terrific job of protecting your iPhone should you drop it.

Laut Prestige Necklace Sleeve for iPhone
It looks great in black or taupe.
Photo: Laut

A microfiber lining inside the pouch keeps your iPhone’s glass panels and shiny stainless steel frame from picking up scuffs and scratches. It also provides a little more impact protection for those nasty dings.

It’s practical, too, with a little pocket on its back that will hold your credit cards and some cash, and an adjustable strap that lets you wear the Prestige in a number of different ways.

Bag yours for under $35

By wearing your iPhone like this, you’ll never miss another call, or that perfect photo opportunity, because you were hunting around for your handset in the bottom of your bag. It’s always within arm’s reach.

When you don’t want to wear the Prestige, however, its strap can be removed and it can be used like a more traditional iPhone pouch.

The Prestige is available in black or taupe for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS Max, and you can order yours today from the Cult of Mac Store for just $34.99.

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