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Keep your cables under wraps with TwelveSouth SurfaceSnap

TwelveSouth has an attractive solution for the problem of messy cables stretching across nearly everyone’s desk. SurfaceSnap offers leather bands with button snaps. Attach one or more of these to a desk or table to secure charging and computer cables.

The product comes in either black or dove grey to match your decor. Each cable organizer is slim enough to not be unsightly. “You can place it pretty much anywhere. On top of your desk, the edge of nightstand, the wall next to your desk, the back of monitor,” notes TwelveSouth.

It can be the answer to your iPhone charging cable irritatingly sliding off your desk or nightstand whenever you disconnect the handset. The same can be true of your iPad.

SurfaceSnap could get your desk in order

SurfaceSnap attaches with semi-permanent adhesive. Each can be removed or repositioned without leaving sticky residue behind.

A pack includes two single and one double-winged cable organizers. The smaller version is 2.6 inches by 1 in., while the larger is 4.7 in. wide. Pop open the metal snap to add or remove wires.

The SurfaceSnap pack is $29.99 from the Cult of Mac Store. While you’re there, check out some of this accessory-maker’s other products for Apple devices, like AirFly Pro and HiRise wireless charger.

This post was updated on July 26, 2021.

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