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iPad Pro case provides slimline protection and a home for Apple Pencil

Want to protect your 11-inch iPad Pro or fourth-generation iPad Air without doubling its size? Check out the new Huex Folio from Laut, which offers a slimline design that includes a screen cover and a home for Apple Pencil.

If you use your iPad more like a tablet, rather than a laptop replacement, you likely carry it around without a keyboard attached. And doing so without a case is a bad idea. Although iPad might look like it’s unbreakable with its tough aluminum exterior, its large glass screen makes it unsurprisingly fragile.

Don’t let your $599+ purchase succumb to hard floors. Provide it with decent protection and keep it looking pristine for as long as you own it. We recommend checking out the Huex Folio from Laut if you want to keep it slim.

Laut Huex Folio for iPad is slim but protective

The Huex Folio combines a hard polycarbonate rear that protects your iPad’s aluminum shell from dents and scuffs with a polyurethane front cover with a microfiber lining that prevents its display from getting cracked and scratched.

Laut Huex Folio for iPad
The front cover doubles as a stand and holds Apple Pencil.
Photo: Laut

The front cover doubles as a stand, which you can use to elevate your iPad while typing or to prop it up while watching a movie. And it has a place to store your Apple Pencil so you can’t lose it on the go.

Laut designed the Huex Folio to be slim and lightweight, so it won’t bulk out your iPad or weight it down too much. You’ll still be able to easily slip your device inside a bag or backpack, or comfortable carry it in your arms.

Order your Huex Folio today

The Huex Folio is available in five attractive color options — including a gorgeous blue or pink or a more subtle black or gray — and it’s compatible with both the 11-inch iPad Pro and fourth-generation iPad Air.

You can orders your now from the Cult of Mac Store for $39.99.

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