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Incredibly cool Apple Watch, AirPods accessories are a steal

Incredibly cool Apple Watch, AirPods accessories are a steal

Brilliant and inexpensive charging stands that make your Apple Watch look like an iconic iMac or retro Game Boy are just some of the awesome accessories made by Elago.

The San Diego company also offers Watch bands that let you carry your AirPods on your wrist, ear hooks that prevent them falling out of your ears, and silicone cases that keep them protected.

And they’re all available now from the Cult of Mac Watch Store for less than $20 each! Check out Elago’s terrific range today.

Elago’s affordable accessories are the perfect gift for any Apple Watch or AirPods fan. But you’ll need incredible willpower to resist snatching them up for yourself. They’re just so cool!

We had to partner up with Elago to offer its products to Cult of Mac readers through our very own Watch Store. Here are some of the accessories you can pick up now.

Your AirPods are easily accessible with the Wrist Fit.
Photo: Elago

AirPods Wrist Fit — $15

Forever losing your AirPods in the bottom of your bag? The Wrist Fit is a cleverly-designed clip you can attach to Apple Watch — or any other watch — that lets you carry your AirPods on your wrist.

It makes your buds easily accessible at all times, and it’s super-secure so you don’t have to worry about them falling out. The Wrist Fit is made from non-toxic silicone and won’t get loose over time.

Get yours today for just $15.

The perfect home for AirPods when they need a top-up.
Photo: Elago

AirPods Stand — $17

Don’t just leave your AirPods lying around while they’re charging; they deserve better than that. Pick up the Elago AirPods Stand instead and show off your favorite buds while they’re not in use.

The Stand is designed to hold your AirPods Charging Case securely, and it’s ready to go as soon as you’ve plugged a Lightning cable into the back.

Get yours in black or white for just $17.

Never lose your AirPods again.
Photo: Elago

AirPods EarHooks — $14

AirPods aren’t the best fit for everyone’s ears. If yours are forever falling out, you need these EarHooks. They hold onto your AirPods and wrap around your ears to ensure a secure fit.

EarHooks are ideal for those who use their AirPods for running, cycling, skateboarding, and other activities. And they’re made from a flexible plastic that’s comfortable even after hours of use.

Get yours in white or nightglow blue for just $14.

The A2 Hang Case clips onto anything.
Photo: Elago

AirPods A2 Hang Case — $16

Keep your AirPods safe when you’re not using them with the wonderful A2 Hang Case. It clips onto any bag or zipper to make your earphones easy to find and hard to lose.

Made from silicone, the Hang Case prevents your buds from getting scratched when you drop them. A handy groove in the front lets you see the LED indicator on your headphones when they’re charging.

Get yours in black or pink for just $16.

The W4 stand looks just like an iMac G3.
Photo: Elago

Apple Watch Stands — from $16

Elago’s brilliant Apple Watch charging stands might just be its best products — and perhaps the best Watch charging stands money can buy.

Designed to look like an iconic iMac G3, the original Macintosh, or a classic Game Boy, they’re a real eye-catcher wherever you sit them — and far cooler than any other Watch stand.

They’re also super-cheap. The W3 (Macintosh) is priced at just $16, while the W4 (iMac) is only $18, and the W5 (Game Boy) is $19.

All three are available now from the Watch Store.

And there’s more!

These are just some of the great Elago accessories we now have on offer. To check out the rest, visit Elago’s page on the Cult of Mac Watch Store. Just try not to order one of everything.

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Nice band. Worked well. Need to be sure to watch the video on using the tool to adjust the band.

never receive my purchase

I contacted the store but they never replayed to me i don't recommend to buy here!

Sadie, the elder, says .....

Not only is this iWatch such a practical means of holding my watch while charging, it’s a hoot - looks like my original Mac. I love it.

The case doesn’t totally align but it does it’s job. The part that stinks is that it attracts lint and dust because it’s silicone.

Great tidy solution

You know what happens, all your devices need a charger. 2 iPhones, an Apple Watch, iPad and more. My old solution was fast charger with 4 USB outlets plugged in to an outlet in the kitchen. Worked, but not pretty.

Let me start by saying this charger looks great. I got rid of all the other cables and keep this out in the kitchen. Much tidier! Phones charge quickly. Apple watch does too but you to be careful that it goes on right. Also, I have a metal band on mine so I have to close it before I put it on the stand or else it would rest on the screen of the phone below it.