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Handy Monochest keeps Apple Watch and spare bands safe and secure while traveling [Review]

If you plan to go traveling with your Apple Watch as soon as it’s safe to do so, you’ll want to take with you the handy Monowear Monochest. This book-like accessory securely carries your spare bands, and doubles as a stand that keeps your Apple Watch protected while it’s charging.

The Monochest is compatible with all generations of Apple Watch, and we think it’s a must-have for frequent travelers. What’s more, you can get yours today at 20% off the usual price.

How many Apple Watch bands have you lost or broken because you left them to roll around in the bottom of your bag or suitcase? How many Apple Watch charging cables have suffered the same fate? With the Monochest, you don’t have to deal with those expensive accidents anymore.

The Monochest looks like a fancy book at first glance. But when you open it up, you’ll find a place to store the spare bands you want to take with you when you’re on the move, as well as a home for your Apple Watch when it’s in need of its nightly top-up.

Monochest makes Apple Watch ready for travel

A soft-touch cover on the outside of the Monochest gives it a premium feel and makes it comfortable to hold onto. A microfiber lining on the inside ensures that your spare bands and Apple Watch remain free from scuffs and scratches while they’re inside of the case.

Monowear Monochest for Apple Watch
Store up to three bands and Apple Watch itself.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

A moulded plastic center, which feels like high-quality silicone but without the flexibility, has space for up to three spare bands and your Apple Watch itself. Rubber stoppers keep those bands neat and prevent them from falling out of the Monochest every time you open it up.

Two of the band placements are split into two, designed to fit both ends of a traditional Apple Watch band. The third is one long section, which will hold onto loop bands and metal bracelets that usually come in one piece and cannot be divided. You can put other bands here if you wish, however.

I’m yet to find a band that doesn’t fit inside the Monochest. Everything I have used with it so far is nice and snug, while still being easy to remove when I need it.

Monowear Monochest for Apple Watch
Keep an eye on Apple Watch while it’s charging.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

A small window on one side of the front cover allows you to close the case while Apple Watch is charging and still see the time on its screen. A cutout on the back of the Monochest lets you route your Apple Watch charging cable to keep everything neat and tidy.

Safe, protective, stylish

If you like to take spare Apple Watch bands with you when you travel, either to switch up your look or as a backup, then the Monochest is an excellent way to carry them without having to worry about them getting damaged. And the fact that it doubles as a charging stand makes it even more useful.

By closing your Apple Watch inside the Monochest while it’s charging, it cannot get knocked over in the night or accidentally pulled off a table and onto hard floors. You also have a safe place to store your device during the day if you’re not wearing it, without worrying about it getting lost.

Monowear Monochest for Apple Watch
Monochest keeps your charging cable tidy.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The Monochest’s slim design means you won’t have trouble slipping it into a backpack, suitcase, or messenger bag. Its sturdy construction ensures that whatever you place inside it stays protected and secure. Magnets in the case’s front cover keep it closed so that nothing can fall out in transit.

If I had to change one thing about the Monochest it would be to add somewhere to store the rest of your Apple Watch charging cable. It would be nice to be able to stow this somewhere when it’s not plugged in, rather than having to remove it or wrap it around the Monochest.

Get your Monochest today to save 20%

Aside from that, however, the Monochest is terrific. It is brilliantly put together and feels like it will stand the test of time, and it seems like an essential for anyone who regularly travels with their Apple Watch. It also disguises what you’re carrying, which is always a good thing.

The Monochest is available in two color options, and if you order yours today from the Cult of Mac Store, you’ll get it for just $34.40 — 20% off the usual price. This discount won’t last long, so enjoy it while you can.

Monowear provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy for more information, and check out more of our in-depth reviews.

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