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Strapley’s tailor-made bands give Apple Watch a rustic chic

Sourcing the best Apple Watch bands and accessories for Cult of Mac readers is the number one priority for our Watch Store. We hit the mark with our latest find — Strapley’s distressed-leather bands for Apple Watch.

These stunning bands are crafted in-house and look like no other Apple Watch band on the market. Equally elegant and rustic, these bands are versatile enough to elevate Apple Watch.

Best List: Strapley’s Distressed-Leather Apple Watch Bands

Strapley’s leather Apple Watch band in Rosé.
Photo: Benjamin McKay/Cult of Mac

Strapley started in 2016 in sunny Laguna Hills, CA, by a group of friends who began hand-making leather bands for family and friends. That small circle of supporters grew and others began inquiring about the uniquely designed straps.

Strapley’s leather Apple Watch band in Rosé.
Photo: Benjamin McKay/Cult of Mac

Today, the company has downsized its web presence to get back to the novelty of what made Strapley great from the start — making beautiful bands that are not mass produced.

“We want to stay true to our individuality and keep our customer channels at a minimum,” says Vinh Nguyen, Strapley’s founder. “This isn’t a means to monetize, but a way for us to do what we love.”

That love is evident in each and every Strapley Apple Watch band. Built by hand from 100 percent vegetable-tanned leather sourced from France, these bands are supple, strong and a delight to wear.

Marked by a high oil content, vegetable-tanned leather ages beautifully over time and has a beautiful sheen. Vegetable-tanned leather is created using the tannins extracted from vegetable matter, such as tree bark prepared in bark mills. It’s the oldest known method of leather tanning.

Made in-house from start to finish

Strapley’s Distressed-Leather band in Blue. Notice the subtle sheen to this band.
Photo: Benjamin McKay/Cult of Mac

Strapley’s beautiful leather band in Off White

Strapley begins the band-making process by rolling out entire leather sides, and then cutting the leather to fit the 42 mm or 38 mm Apple Watch. They then mold and contour the straps, and begin the leather-conditioning and distressing process.

Strapley’s beautiful leather band in Gray.
Photo: Strapley

Once the dyeing process is complete and the straps are assembled, the leather is pricked with iron chisels to give a distressed look.

The leather is then saddle-stitched, and the sides of the band are hand-painted. Finally, the hardware is added, and a final examination, before sending off.

The Strapley band is super comfortable to wear though it takes a few weeks for the leather to perfectly soften up and mold to my wrist. It feels so light and soft that after some time you won’t even feel that you are wearing it. The band has a beautifully subtle sheen, and the stitching is on point.

These luxe bands come in five different leather colors: Blue, Gray, Rosé, Off-White and Rockwood (a deep brown).

Choose from four different hardware colors: Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold and Gold.

Available for both 38 mm and 42 mm Apple Watch.

Price: $80

Buy from: Watch Store

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