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Give your boring Apple TV a cool classic console makeover [Cult of Mac giveaway]

Calling all gamers. This week’s giveaway is for you. Elago is giving away a cover for your Apple TV that gives it a retro console look.

In addition, Elago is throwing in a matching Siri remote case to make it a complete set. If you want to old school your modern Apple devices and kick the fun factor up to the next level, make sure and enter this week’s giveaway. Three lucky winners will each win one Apple TV Case and one 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote Case, both in light grey.

T4 Apple TV Case - Light Grey
Turn your Apple TV into a fun console.
Photo: Elago

Elago’s $24.99 T4 Apple TV Case is a silicon cover that makes your Apple TV look like a classic gaming console. Compatible with the latest Apple TV 4K and the previous-generation Apple TV HD, the case closely resembles a console from the past. No detail has been spared. As well as looking cool, the T4 Apple TV case also protects your Apple TV from scratches and bumps.

2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R4 Case [Light Grey]
The remote case completes the retro look.

Matching the T4 case is a $14.99 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R4 Case. Also made from premium silicone, the remote case is only compatible with the 2nd generation Apple TV Siri Remote (ie. the new silver remote). The R4 Case offers full protection to your Apple TV remote from falls general daily usage, as well as dust and dirt. It includes a 9-inch strap that is adjustable for all wrist sizes.

Get 20% off

The chances of winning this giveaway are pretty good, but if you can’t wait, you can score a sweet discount. Right now, Elago is having a site-wide sale for back-to-school. Every item is 20% off through August 13th.

Cult of Mac Store

Also check out the range of Elago products we have stocked on the Cult of Mac store. We stock dozens of Elago products, including favorites like the MagSafe Guide Sticker, which adds MagSafe to older iPhones, and the W3 Apple Watch Stand, which looks like a classic Mac.

About Elago

Elago is based in San Diego, Calif., and has been designing and creating products since 2002.

Elago knows how to make great Apple TV remotes. The Elago Intelli cases are the most bought Apple TV Siri remotes on Amazon.

The company’s motto is “simple sophistication.” Elago designers create products for themselves that are beautiful as well as useful. They take pride on innovative products with a focus on service as well as design. But they also make products that are whimsical and fun. Elago has won several awards through the years. 

Enter our Elago giveaway

Use the entry widget below to sign up for our free Cult of Mac Today newsletter and enter the giveaway. Plus, connect with Cult of Mac in a variety of other ways to get additional entries. Win a retro Apple TV case with a matching Siri remote case Win an Elago Apple TV Case and a matching 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote Case, both in light grey. Contest is open to residents of the United States only. Apple TV and Apple TV Siri Remote are not included. Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. PDT on August 15, 2021. See Terms and Conditions for more information about the giveaway.

We originally published this post on August 10, 2021.

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724 reviews
Awesome hold, super useful

First time I’ve used a 3M stick mount and it’s holding really well on the stick side, no sign it’s weakening. On the magnet side the phone never falls out, but it will slide off if you try to put a lightning cable in or pull one out from the phone while it’s mounted. That’s a real nitpick because otherwise it’s an awesome mount.

Great Customer Service

On my original review I mentioned that I ordered a black case but received a white case instead. Well, the Customer Service rep actually read my review and sent me the right color case. To me, this is outstanding customer service. The case is also outstanding in that it fits perfectly and I can hold the remote more securely.

Not Quite What I Ordered

Like several other purchasers, I ordered the black case and received the white version. Outside of the shipping or availability issue, the case is sturdy but soft. It’s just on the edge of being slippery, but it isn’t. It also hasn’t been picking up dust or blanket fuzzies. The remote stays securely in the case and all buttons are functional

Good morning, thank you for your feedback. I have checked your order and see you ordered the Nightglow blue color, therefore will show white, and glow in darkness. If you wish to return and order the black color, please let me know. The item will need to be unused and in the original packaging. Many thanks, Adel.

Exactly what I wanted

Had my Air Tag hidden in my handlebar bag but this simple little holder is a much better solution. Attached on my seat post under the seat facing back, so a bit protected, maybe not an issue but works well there.

It's ok, but not really well designed.

I would have preferred a more sophisticated attachment method than a simple zip tie. And the zip tie is mounted on the opposite side of where it should be. Other than that, it's a simple solution and works as it should.