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Give the gift of luxury with these high-end Apple Watch bands

The newest luxury leather bands from OleksynPrannyk are out ahead of the holidays, and they’re a wonderful gift for any Apple Watch owner.

Handmade in the U.S. from soft Italian leather, and available in a number of gorgeous color options, they’re a delight to wear and incredibly long-lasting. They’re also more affordable than they look.

Every Apple Watch looks the same out of the box — and that look can get really boring really fast. But you can refresh yours in an instant with a beautiful new band that’s a lot more stylish.

OleksynPrannyk’s bands are popular with Cult of Mac Store customers looking for high-end leather, and they always get rave reviews. And brand-new options are out now, just in time for the holidays.

OleksynPrannyk’s new Apple Watch bands

Just like their siblings, they’re all made from fine Italian leather that’s vegetable-tanned in four new color options. And they’re finished with strong stainless steel buckles and adapters that ship in black or silver.

The bands are soft and supple right out of the box, which means you don’t need to wear them in before they’re comfortable enough for all-day use. They won’t feel awkward on your wrist or dig into your skin.

Available in blue, brown, cream, and red.
Photo: OleksynPrannyk

The new OleksynPrannyk lineup is painstakingly handmade in the U.S., with strong and precise stitching that ensures an excellent finish and superior durability. Three length options are available for different wrist sizes.

Order yours today

The new bands are compatible with all generations of Apple Watch in both 38/40mm and 42/44mm sizes. And you can get them in blue, brown, cream, or red for just $75. That’s less than you’ll pay for equivalent high-end bands.

Order yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.

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610 reviews
40 day review

When asked how I like the product I ordered from Cult of Mac 40 days ago...the answer is, I’m still waiting on the product to arrive! Never would have ordered it if I had any idea that it would take this long to arrive!

Perfect stand

The stand is perfect for the mag changer and adds a little style to the nightstand or desk.

Fantastic product

The simplicity of the stand and the way it works with my existing MagSafe. The look, the angle of the phone, just like apple products it just works.

Great product!

I really like the Elago MS1 stand for my iPhone 12. The angle is great and it fits the Apple MagSafe charger perfectly. The angle is not adjustable but the angle it sits at is perfect. It takes up some space on your desk/night table but again that doesn’t bother me for my space. The product is well made with no visible flaws. No shipping to Canada would be my only complaint.
Overall a great product.
Thank you!


This band looks good but grabs my arm hair and also irritates a spot on my wrist. I wore it one day.