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Get set for winter with rugged, waterproof Apple Watch bands from Nyloon

Winter is coming. And based on what we know about 2020 so far, it’s likely to be a nasty one. Get set for the wet and miserable months by bagging a rugged, waterproof Nyloon band for Apple Watch.

Their NATO-style design makes them super-strong and ready for anything, and they’re available in a range of colorful styles. They’re also nicely priced from just $24.99.

Whether you need an Apple Watch band that doesn’t mind the rain, or you want something bright that will go with your favorite holiday sweater, Nyloon has you covered with its huge collection of designs.

Nyloon Apple Watch band
A huge collection of styles to choose from.
Photo: Nyloon

Each one is made using only the strongest, most durable nylon that sits comfortably on your wrist all day long. Bag yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.

Nylon bands are a perfect fit for anything

That comfortable fit is one of the biggest reasons why we (and customers!) love Nyloon bands. No matter how good a Watch strap might look, it’s useless if it irritates or digs into your skin all day long.

So even under long sleeves and a bulky coat, you won’t even notice your Nyloon band is there. And when it does get wet and dirty in the rain and snow, it doesn’t mind a wash in warm, soapy water.

Nyloon Apple Watch band
A great option for cold and wet winter months.
Photo: Nyloon

Check out the large collection of Nyloon bands in the Cult of Mac Store today. There are bright and colorful options that stand out, as well as more subtle styles that won’t look out of place in the office.

Order yours today from just $24.99.

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Love the band

Sent the wrong one, twice

Never even got the right case for my phone. I got sent the same case twice, not even the case for my phone.

Good morning Rebbecca, I apologize for this. I have checked my system and cannot see any correspondence with you regarding this. Please email me with the case you actually received, so I can get this sorted for you? Many thanks, Adel.

Great band

My hubby loves the feel and color of the bands

Not impressed

No real easy way to attach cables to it. Also, can't easily use Qi charging for iPhone... The bamboo wood part of it is nice though, even if not very useful. I bought this as an experiment to see how it would work out. Having to actually plug the iPhone cable in to the phone is not what I would call convenient. This will probably end up as a paper weight.