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Embellish your wrist with an Indonesian batik Apple Watch band [Review]

Make your Apple Watch your own with a truly distinctive, statement-making strap worthy of a double take.

The Batik Strap from French company Clessant is a refreshing take on an everyday accessory. No two are ever alike. And, you can take a look at it now in Cult of Mac’Watch Store.

A statement in originality

Clessant is making a big impression in the world of luxury accessories with the Blue Batik Strap Apple Watch band.
Photo: Clessant

Truly a work of art for your wrist, the Batik Strap for Apple Watch stands out in a sea of sameness with its colorful, patterned fabric. Each handmade strap features a calf-leather core and a liner wrapped in exotic, batik-printed cotton cloth. Folded edges and reinforced stitching on the strap’s point help prevent wear.

Batik is an ancient art form of wax-resist dyeing most highly developed in Java, Indonesia. Artisans make the special fabric by drawing dots and lines with wax on fabric, and subsequently selectively dyeing the cloth. This allows the artisan to control the dyeing to give it a unique, handprinted aspect.

Handmade Apple Watch band

Born of a collaboration between French company Clessant and Apple Watch superfan Ryan Verbeek, an Indonesian living in the Netherlands, the band is a beautiful blend of ancient Indonesian art, batik and French leather-making.

Designed for “people who wear what they love,” each Batik Strap is as individual as its wearer.
Photo: Clessant

Featured in Vogue (and Cult of Mac!), Clessant takes craftsmanship to detailed levels. The making of a Clessant strap is a specific and complicated process, with more than 60 separate steps to completion.

Each Batik Strap is cut from a large piece of batik fabric, guaranteeing a truly custom and unique piece — no two straps are alike.

The bands come in either red or blue, and are available in 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch sizes, and four lug colors (silver stainless steel, silver aluminum, space gray and space black).

Beautiful, well-made and artful, we love and highly recommend this band.

Buy now: Clessant Batik Apple Watch Band

Clessant Red Batik Apple Watch band
Straight outta France: Clessant’s elegant Red Batik Apple Watch band.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac
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