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Elegant Laut stands cradle your Apple devices in style

If you’re looking for a clean way to charge your beloved Apple Watch, or somewhere to place your iPhone so that it’s easy to see while you’re working, check out these elegant, super-sturdy stands from Laut.

They’re made from robust, anodized aluminum and designed to look good anywhere. They’re also available in a range of color options to match your Apple devices.

Laut stands give Apple devices a great place to sit

Few things complement pricey Apple products better than cool, aluminum accessories. They’re clean and stylish, and if you pick the right ones, they’re incredibly practical and built to last a lifetime.

That’s what you can expect when you buy a stand from Laut — an awesome design company headquartered in Germany that’s now one of the Cult of Mac Store’s most popular vendors.

Laut’s simple AW Stand is a single piece of strong aluminum that gives your Apple Watch a place to rest while it’s charging. It looks great on any desk or bedside table, and it’s compatible with all Watch models.

The top of the stand is angled at 45 degrees to make your Apple Watch easy to read in Nightstand mode, and it has a rubber sleeve that ensures the back and sides of your Watch don’t get scratched.

Laut stand for Apple Watch
Clean and simple.
Photo: Laut

Anti-sleep feet prevent the AW Stand from sliding around, while its three color options — gunmetal, gold, and silver — allow you to match its look with your Apple Watch case.

The AW Stand holds a regular Apple Watch charging cable, and it’s nicely priced at just $29.99 for a limited time.

Free Stand is super-useful anywhere

Laut’s brilliantly versatile Free Stand ensures your iPhone (or other compact gadgets up to seven inches in size — is easy to see and always at the ready. And you’ll want to use it everywhere.

Its adjustable design, which lets you alter its height and tilt, makes the Free Stand ideal for remote video calls, keeping an eye on notifications while you work, reading recipes while you cook, and lots more.

Laut stand for iPhone
Robust and adjustable.
Photo: Laut

The Free Stand’s compact form factor means it can be easily moved from room to room whenever you need it, while a soft-touch finish on its cradle keeps your iPhone’s glass back from getting scuffed.

You will also find some carefully placed rubber pads that keep your iPhone steady, anti-sleep feet to prevent sliding, and a space to place your Lightning cable when it’s time for a top-up.

More Laut products on the way

The Free Stand is available in black or silver, and it’s available to order today for just $44.99. Check it out in the Cult of Mac Store — alongside the rest of Laut’s awesome accessory collection.

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