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Elago’s newest case turns AirPods Pro into an iPod Classic

Elago’s wonderful AW6 case, which makes your AirPods look like an iPod Classic, is now available for AirPods Pro. It keeps your buds free from scratches and comes in white or black (with a red click wheel).

Get yours today for just $17.

Thanks to the ever-amazing iPhone, we haven’t really needed iPods since 2007. But for most Apple fans, the iPod holds a special place in their hearts, and reminds us of a simpler time when it was okay to shake hands, cough in public, and leave the house without a mask.

It’s even easier to reminisce about the good old days with Elago’s excellent AW6 case for AirPods Pro.

Keep AirPods Pro protected and looking awesome

The AW6 resembles the bottom half of an iPod Classic, complete with iconic click wheel. Slide your AirPods Pro charging case inside it, and you won’t have to worry about it getting battered in your bag.

Like many Elago products, the case is made from high-quality silicone that’s soft and sturdy. That means it’s not just good for guarding against scratches, but also for absorbing impact during drops.

iPod Classic case for AirPods Pro
It looks spectacular in black and red.
Photo: Elago

The attention to detail is outstanding, from the carefully molded buttons on the click wheel to the hold switch on the top. There’s also a small flap that stops dust from getting into your Lightning port.

Get your AW6 case for just $17

The AW6 won’t get in the way of wireless charging, and it’s an absolute steal at just $17.

Order yours today from the Cult of Mac Store in white or red and black — and check out Elago’s other AirPods cases, like the AW5, which turns AirPods Pro into an original Game Boy.

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Looks cool!

I purchased the sand pink color for my bedroom to go along with my decor . I have the IPhone 12 Pro Max with the MagSafe clear case and with the MagSafe charger inside the stand it looks so cool and is very practical to view your phone from the bed. I definitely recommend this product if you have the proper equipment. 👍👍

Never received

I can't write a review of this item because I never received it. Or an explanation.

Simple to assemble and useful

I use it for my iPad Pro and so it is more comfortable to work with it as a laptop. I hope that the durability and resistance of this item will be prolonged in time. Recommendable.

Airpower - reimagined

Gorgeous and functional- meets and exceeds my expectations - form is function