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Elago Charging Tray for iPhone 12 makes MagSafe even better

Worried that snapping your MagSafe charger onto iPhone 12 will one day damage its glass? Elago’s awesome new Charging Tray solves that problem by being the ultimate MagSafe accessory.

Made entirely from soft and sturdy silicone, the Charging Tray holds your MagSafe charger to give iPhone 12 a place to rest while it’s being topped up. The Charging Tray Duo also makes space for Apple Watch.

Bag yours today from just $29.

MagSafe is a simple solution to the biggest wireless charging problem. It uses magnets to perfectly align your iPhone 12 with a charging pad’s internal coil and hold it in place, so you don’t need to worry about your device slipping out of position and running out of battery by morning.

Apple’s own MagSafe charger is great … but it could be better. Pick up an Elago Charging Tray for an even better MagSafe experience.

Elago Charging Trays make MagSafe affordable

The standard Charging Tray, priced at a mere $29, holds your MagSafe charger and gives your iPhone a soft place to lay. It also holds onto small essentials like keys, AirPods, and loose change.

Elago Charging Tray for iPhone 12 MagSafe
Holds your iPhone and small essentials.
Photo: Elago

The Charging Tray Duo, priced at $32, does exactly the same, while also integrating your Apple Watch charger as well. So you can use it to neatly charge both your Apple gadgets without having them slide around or slip off on your desk or nightstand.

Both accessories are made entirely from high-quality silicone, so they’re virtually unbreakable. That makes them ideal for travel (when we’re actually allowed to travel again) because you don’t have to worry about them getting bent or broken in the bottom of your suitcase.

The Charging Tray and Charging Tray Duo also work with cases and are perfectly compatible with Apple’s own MagSafe and Apple Watch charging cables. Bag yours today from as little as $29.

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