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EasySelfie is a stick and tripod for iPhone photography that does it all

Want a selfie stick that’s good for more than just selfies? EasySelfie from SwitchEasy is a selfie stick and tripod in one that could greatly improve your on-the-go photography game. It works with iPhone as well as other cameras (including GoPro) and its aluminum design is ultra-portable.

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If you want to take selfies that include more than just your face, you need either abnormally long arms or a device for extending your reach. The latter is much easier to obtain, and it can be a lot more versatile — as SwitchEasy demonstrates with the handy EasySelfie.

It looks like a standard selfie stick at first glance, but it’s good for a lot more than just selfies. And, for the price — just $44.99 — it’s an incredibly useful bit of kit many iPhone photographers will want in their bag.

EasySelfie ups your iPhone photography game

Built almost entirely out of a high-strength aluminum alloy, the EasySelfie is both robust and surprisingly lightweight. It’s resistant to wear and won’t deform over time, and its telescopic design means that it’s small enough to throw into your backpack whenever you leave the house.

When you need a selfie stick, the EasySelfie performs just like a selfie stick. But it has other tricks up its sleeve. A tripod built into its handle means the EasySelfie is also ideal for steady landscape shots and time-lapses, or for hands-free FaceTime video calls.

EasySelfie stick for iPhone
Tackle FaceTime calls without tired arms.
Photo: SwitchEasy

A hidden camera screw allows the EasySelfie to be attached to other devices, including a GoPro and other action cameras, more traditional point-and-shoots, and more. But when you are using it with your iPhone, your device can be rotated for snapping shots in any orientation.

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EasySelfie also ships with a useful Bluetooth remote which lets you capture photos and videos on your iPhone without having to touch its screen. It’s great for grabbing those group shots that you want to be a part of when no one else is around to act as photographer.

EasySelfie stick for iPhone
Bag yours today to save 20%.
Photo: SwitchEasy

EasySelfie is one of the most versatile photography accessories for iPhone. Thanks to its unique and impressive design, you can carry it with you wherever you go so that it’s ready when inspiration strikes. Order the EasySelfie from the Cult of Mac Store today for just $44.99.

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