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Dress up Apple Watch with Rilee & Lo’s stunning stretch-link band

Bored of your basic Apple Watch band? Dress it up with a stunning stainless steel stretch-link bracelet from Rilee & Lo. They look just as spectacular as other high-end bracelets but are much more convenient to get on and off — and they’re a lot more affordable than they look.

Stretch-link bands are popular among those who like the metal bracelet look but don’t want to have to deal with fiddly buckles and clasps. They slide on and off with ease, and when you buy yours from Rilee & Lo, you get great build quality as well.

Built for all Apple Watch owners, the stretch-link collection comes in a number of color options and can be combined with matching stacking bracelets for an even more dazzling look.

Metal bands are better when they stretch

Rather than using pins to hold each link together like a traditional metal bracelet, stretch-link bands are built around a stretchable but strong material that makes them fun to wear and super-comfortable. Because they’re flexible, they’re ideal even during tough activities.

Rilee & Lo spices up your Apple Watch with sexy, sleek stainless steel watch bands.
A stainless steel stretch-link band for just $40?
Photo: Rilee & Lo

Rilee & Lo’s bands are made from high-quality stainless steel that looks terrific, even after months and years of wear. They hold up spectacularly well over time, and turn Apple Watch into a much more fashionable smartwatch in an instant.

Various sizes and color options — including black, gold, rose gold, and navy — are available for both 38/40mm and 42/44mm Apple Watch models. And each is priced at just $40 in the Cult of Mac Store.

Don’t forget your stacking bracelet

For added bling, you might want to combine your band with a matching stacking bracelet. They’re made using the same great design, available in the same color options, and are slimmer so that won’t weigh you down. You can bag yours for just $20.

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