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Curvy wood makes for stunning iPad stand

Who knew curvy wood could be so useful?

This stunning piece of walnut makes for a brilliant iPad stand that you can use at multiple angles. It’s ideal for reading, writing, and more — and it looks good anywhere.

When cheap tacky plastic just won’t cut it, and you’re sick of the sight of aluminum, warm and comforting wood is what you need. And this gorgeous iPad stand from Wiplabs has plenty of it.

In fact, it’s made entirely out of wood — and it’s one of the most unique iPad accessories you’ll find.

Simple, but oh so stylish

The Yohann stand, as Wiplabs calls it, couldn’t be any simpler. It’s a wonderful piece of walnut that has been carefully shaped and finished to become more than just a pretty block of wood.

Slip your iPad inside the groove on Yohann’s edge and it will be elegantly elevated so that it’s easier to see. Change up your viewing angle by simply tilting the stand back onto its next resting spot.

Yohann supports three different viewing angles.
Photo: Wiplabs

There are three viewing angles to choose from, and Yohann will hold your iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation. That makes the stand ideal for reading, watching movies, and getting things done.

One of the things that makes Yohann really great — and gives it an advantage over other iPad stands — is that it also stands up nicely on soft surfaces, like the arm of a couch, a pillow, or a duvet.

Wood that looks good anywhere

Yohann was designed to complement the minimalist design of the iPad itself. Its elegant design fits into any room, but also stands out like a piece of fine contemporary art.

Its single-piece design makes Yohann slim, sturdy, and incredibly easy to use. Holes in its base prevent the stand from blocking your iPad’s speakers and allow you to charge it while it’s standing.

Yohann is compatible with the 9.7-inch iPad and iPad Pro, and the first- and second-generations of iPad Air. You can get yours from the Cult of Mac Watch Store today for $129.99.

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