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Cult of Mac’s holiday decorations put your favorite gadgets on the tree

It’s not too late to give your Christmas tree a holiday makeover that any Apple fan would be proud of. Grab some string, download Cult of Mac’s awesome decorations inspired by iconic Apple devices, and get hanging!

We’ve created three simple decorations inspired by iPhone, Apple Watch, and the original Macintosh — all with a holiday twist. They’re bright but printer-friendly, and easy to cut out.

This is just a preview.
Image: Cult of Mac

All you need to do is print them, cut them, and add some string so that they can be hung from your tree.

Our downloadable PDF contains two pages, and they’re perfectly aligned so that they can be printed double-sided on a single sheet of A4. That means you only have to cut out each decoration once, and no glue is required.

But if you would like them to be a little more durable, you can print both sides on a separate sheet of paper, then glue them onto some cardboard before you go at them with the scissors.

We would love to see the decorations hung on your tree. So when you’re done, feel free to send us pictures on Twitter via @cultofmac.

And from everyone on the Cult of Mac team, have a happy holiday!

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